intercostal artery

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several arteries and supplying the intercostal spaces of the rib cage

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In IPS, the systemic blood supply can be from the descending aorta (72%), abdominal aorta and splenic artery (21%), intercostal artery (3.
Along its cranial course, the subclavian artery first gave off the sternoclavicular artery, and then the axillary artery, intercostal artery and finally internal and external thoracic arteries.
reaffirm the anatomical variations of the arteries mentioned above and add their description of a case of blood supply of the serratus anterior by the first intercostal artery.
Exposure of the intercostal artery and vein also increased as one moved lateral in the dissections; however, there was a significantly greater risk of intercostal nerve injury compared to the artery or vein at all 3 sites.
3) The systemic arterial supply is via the descending thoracic aorta (72%); abdominal aorta, celiac axis, or splenic artery (21%); intercostal artery (3.