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Synonyms for intercostal

located or occurring between the ribs

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KEY WORDS: Intercostal muscle flap, Postoperative pain, Thoracotomy, Intracostal sutures.
Intercostal nerve injury is a likely etiology of remote herniation and has previously been implicated in post-thoracotomy pain syndrome.
The sternoclavicular artery, axillary artery, intercostal arteries and thoracic artery, stem from the subclavian artery in this region (Erdogan and Kiline, 2014).
It's not an intercostal, that's not the word I heard.
Currently, surgeons use epidurals, intercostal nerve blocks and prescription narcotics for pain management.
We found the undivided lateral cutaneous branch of 2nd intercostal nerve piercing the second intercostal space at midaxillary plane, running along the base of axilla to reach the upper and medial part of arm where they join with medial cutaneous nerve of arm on each side in 29 cadavers out of 40 adult embalmed cadavers.
14,15] Flank bulge due to laxity of the anterolateral abdominal musculature may be caused by damage to intercostal nerves.
In addition, we reinforced the defect of the oesophageal wall with an intercostal muscle flap.
Price Recuced Absentee owner , well run convenience store located in a small strip center with good neighborhood traffic in Northeastern Broward County Florida near the intercostal Waterway.
About 70 - 80% of patients with chest injuries do not require operative intervention and can be managed safely by means of intercostal drainage (thoracostomy tube).
The main muscles of inspiration are the diaphragm, external intercostal muscles, and accessory muscles of the shoulder and the upper back.
In cases with purulent cysts of the lungs with signs of marked purulent intoxication, thoracocentesis into 3rd or 7th intercostal area along anterior and posterior auxiliary line was performed; thoracoscope was introduced and exact localization of the cyst was determined as well.
The Englishman, a three-time winner this year, had strained an intercostal muscle preparing for last month's Open Championship at Turnberry and was forced to withdraw from last week's WGC-Bridgestone Invitational in Ohio after just six holes of his opening round.