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be interwoven or interconnected

cause to be interconnected or interwoven


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In today's world, instant interconnection with partners, employees and customers is essential to compete and succeed.
Planning the interconnection: the organizations perform preliminary activities; examine technical, security, and administrative issues; and form an agreement governing the management, operation, and use of the interconnection.
8) Congress sought to achieve this goal by imposing on incumbent local exchange carriers (LECs),(9) which tradition ally operated in a monopolistic environment,(10) a number of duties,(11) including the duty to interconnect with any telecommunications carrier that requests interconnection with the LEC's network.
The results: When the amount of interconnection between the evolving populations is "just right" relative to the internal interconnections among the parts of each system, average fitness for all the populations is highest.
High-Speed VLSI Interconnections, Second Edition is an indispensable reference for high-speed VLSI designers, RF circuit designers, and advanced students of electrical engineering.
Understand the relationship between transmission system interconnections and the emerging European power market.
The origins and evolution of each interconnection is reviewed.
Further, consistent with all of its facilities, CRG West offers top-flight communications services assisting carriers and other customers in making interconnections within the building quickly and efficiently.
The Band-X service portfolio includes high quality voice termination and origination, either international or domestic, managed infrastructure and interconnection, both for TDM switch ports and VoIP gateway ports.
Starmap members will use the Aicent MMS Gateway as the central hub to establish MMS interconnection with one another, as well as with other international operator partners.
With this series, SANs can be segmented into autonomous regions while providing reliable interconnections between the heterogeneous SAN fabrics.
With the completion of this build-out, Switch and Data has also made available additional singlemode and multimode fiber interconnections from its suites on the 5th and 6th floor at 56 Marietta to the BMMR.
The objectives of such a huge system of electric power interconnections include these:
Large national carriers like Telekom Malaysia are recognizing the value of establishing direct VoIP interconnections for their international service," said Ofer Gneezy, president and CEO of iBasis.
InfiniRoute delivers a service allowing carriers to instantly provision new carrier interconnections using VoIP while controlling traffic based on quality and price parameters.
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