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a state of being connected reciprocally

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In terms of the interconnectedness of the eastern Mediterranean and Scandinavia during the relevant period, 1600-1500 BC, we agree with Brandherm and Kaul that crossing Continental Europe perhaps remains the most likely alternative, and we have indicated this on the map (Figure 1 above).
Linked with the focus on interconnectedness and complexity, these attitudes produce the legal and political outcomes that Greve describes.
The theme of the World Day this year is "Science for Global Sustainability Interconnectedness, Collaboration, and Transformation".
Viewers will also learn about the interconnectedness of yoga and qigong, and how to tap into the strength of qigong practice and acupressure to relieve common ailments such as insomnia.
Scores are based on metrics that include size, interconnectedness, complexity and cross-border activities.
In its proposal, the Fed notes that counterparty concentrations, particularly between the largest financial institutions, contributed to the interconnectedness of the financial system and heightened risk to the U.
In our time, the 2 1 st century, we've long since recognized the spiritual truths, mainly the interconnectedness of all life.
Size, interconnectedness, lack of substitutes or financial institution infrastructure and complexity will determine the systemic importance of banks as determined by Basel global standards.
The book shows how his work took him from Brazil to other Latin American countries, the USA, and continental Africa at a time when such interconnectedness was not self-evident, and before the recent and increasing articulations of people of African descent.
Putnam is also convincing when he argues, with evidence, that social capital matters--that a whole range of social good, including education, child welfare, safe neighborhoods, economic prosperity, health, personal satisfaction, and vibrant democracy depend on interconnectedness among citizens.
95) dispenses new-agey tips like "wake up to the interconnectedness of everything" to help you shift into spiritually soothing employment, improving the world and your community.
Reflecting in this way can help us feel more a sense of our interconnectedness, of how our happiness depends on a myriad of relationships.
And he's the character who brings together a kind of interconnectedness.
I find Peters's emphasis on our "big self" as an expression of our interconnectedness with culture and cosmos to be a helpful antidote to an excessive individualism and anthropocentrism that can endanger not only the environment but people in need as well.
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