intercommunication system

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a communication system linking different rooms within a building or ship etc

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Crewmen, the only cable you can disconnect in the vehicular intercommunication system (VIS) during use is the drop cord attached to the left ear cup of the CVC headset to the bailout cable assembly.
Camber's simulated sensor suite installation in the T-1A CSO aircraft upgraded a variety of aircraft systems including an ADS-B antenna, GPS, intercommunication system, and multiple display systems.
Army Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Command (AMCOM) in Huntsville, AL has awarded a five (5) year, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract for its TruLink([R]) Wireless Intercommunication System with a value of $33M.
Contract notice: Intercommunication system, measurement and monitoring equipment for broadcast application.
Tenders are invited for Setting Up Of Intercommunication System And Telephone Exchange For New Integrated Logistics Complex - Mo(Goa)
Telephonics said that under the contract it will provide full-rate production of the Encrypted Aircraft Wireless Intercom System (EAWIS) with its TruLink Wireless Intercommunication System, for Product Manager Air Warrior in the US Army.
It is also contracted to supply Boeing with APS-143C(V)3 multi-mode Radar for India's P-8i Maritime Surveillance aircraft, and is responsible for installation of a sophisticated intercommunication system for the C-17 Globemaster contracted by the Indian Air Force.
Tenders are invited for Settingup of intercommunication system and telephone exchange for new integrated logistics complex-mo(goa
This section of the response should include a general discussion of the vendor%s understanding of the scope of services and the scope of work proposed and must include each section, 280500: Common Work Results for Electronic Safety & Security 281105: Enclosures oConsoles (Options 2 &3) 284619: PLC GUI Hardware 284620: PLC GUI Software 285123: Security Intercommunication System To confirm detailed minimum requirements are met, use one of the following marks: ?
ORBIT's fully digital Audio Intercommunication System (AIS) modules have been installed on the Navy's EA-6B Prowler electronic warfare aircraft since 2003.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance Of Sagar System Make Intercommunication System Repair & Maintenance OperationPa Conference Car Calling Cctv Mtv Intercom And Security System At Hyderabad House New Delhi.
Tenders are invited for maintenance of 33 kv, 11 kv and lv lines an installations, air conditioning equipment, recording of various measurement, intercommunication system, operation an maintenance of water supply system including water pumps, motors, starters, valves etc.
Intercommunication system, Operation & Maintenance of Water supply system, including Water Pumps, Motors, Starters, Valves etc.