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Synonyms for intercommunication

the exchange of ideas by writing, speech, or signals

a situation allowing exchange of ideas or messages

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The company is organized into two operating divisions: Communications Systems, specializing in aircraft intercommunications, mass transit communications, wireless and audio products; and Command Systems, specializing in traffic management systems, maritime surveillance radar and aerospace electronics; and one wholly-owned subsidiary, TLSI.
The Telephonics Secure Digital Intercommunication system, which is currently deployed on over 30 platforms for U.
Telephonics' intercommunication systems serve a wide variety of aircraft globally," stated Phil Nicholas, President, Telephonics Communications Division.
Under this contract, Telephonics will supply its Secure Digital Intercommunication (SDI) system to provide the flight deck and mission crew audio routing and intercommunication capability, replacing an existing, obsolete system with its new all-digital audio system.
7M contract from the United States Coast Guard for Submersible TruLink(R) Wireless Intercommunication Systems.
I am extremely proud to have the Telephonics' TruLink secure wireless intercommunication solution approved for full-rate production under this multi-year award as it enhances the ability of our Nation's Army Aviators for safe and secure execution in their mission, which is so critical to our National Security at home and abroad," said Joseph Battaglia, President and CEO of Telephonics Corporation.
Tenders are invited for Supply of PA/PIS System, Driver-Guard Intercommunication And Driver/ Guard To Public Address System For Ac-Ac Demu Confirming
Ron Claiborne, the Army's assistant product manager, vehicular intercommunication systems, with the Project Manager, Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems.
The TruLink wireless intercommunication system from Telephonics of Farmingdale, New York, enhances communications and increases operator safety where mobility and clear communications are critical.
Teletypewriter exchange service is defined as access from a teletypewriter or such data station and the privilege of intercommunication with substantially all persons having teletypewriter or other such data stations; see Sec.
The online classroom hosts video- and audio-based lectures with synchronized PowerPoint slideshows and incorporates intercommunication through blogs and discussion forums, assessment activities and evaluation features.
This would mean there are more connections in the brain and more possibilities for [hemispheric] intercommunication.
With the release of MCTP and PLDM specifications, the PMCI Working Group now enables a complete solution for platform management components intercommunication.
Contract Awarded for intercommunication systems for military vehicles