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A set of function and call programs that allows clients and servers to intercommunicate.
Thousands of colleges, universities, government agencies, and commercial and non-profit concerns are attached to Internet and can therefore intercommunicate.
Artie can be integrated into complete lines and can intercommunicate with a variety of software.
The protocol allows devices to intercommunicate and be powered by batteries that last years instead of hours.
2(1)] indicate the weighted vector value respectively when DEV1 and DEV2 intercommunicate using their optimal beam pairs.
The agreement concerns the natural gas straddling reservoirs Mamba and Prosperidade, placed in Area 4 and 1 respectively and which intercommunicate across the blocks boundary.
What we need to do is to have security, fire, access control, HVAC, lighting control, distribution equipment - all of those are distributed and intelligent subsystems able to control their own processes, independent of each other, but they're also able to intercommunicate .
The software solution achieved this level of SAP certified integration by leveraging the power of the SAP NetWeaver Portal for reporting the results of analysis, and the SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (SAP NetWeaver XI) to intercommunicate with data from the SAP[R] Bank Analyzer set of applications.
Service nodes intercommunicate with each other via overlay links.
Furthermore, with the proliferation of Web services and similar technologies, applications integrate and intercommunicate with each other more than ever before, further complicating changes to any portion of the infrastructure.
These modules intercommunicate, so that therapeutic strategies can be prescribed to the patient, who then transmits relevant data back.
Nodes intercommunicate through single-hop and multi-hop paths to forward packets to each other, which require cooperation between nodes to relay packets to their targets.
Protocol bridging is a unique Digi technology that enables industrial Ethernet and serial protocols to transparently intercommunicate.
The main benefit offered by the implementation of smart grids is the replacement of the current equipment with smart electronic devices that intercommunicate and are fitted with centralised control systems.