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It can allow each of these local dirtside Internets to intercommunicate via long- haul spaceside protocols.
DAVE DAVIDSON: The ability to compile information and use it effectively is not evolving as fast as buildings that intercommunicate and interoperate, but I think deregulation is going to quickly pick up the pace.
Before devices from different manufacturers can intercommunicate there must be an open standard.
On the one hand, we know that all the states intercommunicate, that is, given two trees [T.
Most safety experts, including the Defense Department, believe that additional spectrum is necessary to implement interoperability, or the ability of emergency response agencies to intercommunicate.
A set of function and call programs that allows clients and servers to intercommunicate.
Thousands of colleges, universities, government agencies, and commercial and non-profit concerns are attached to Internet and can therefore intercommunicate.
Artie can be integrated into complete lines and can intercommunicate with a variety of software.
The protocol allows devices to intercommunicate and be powered by batteries that last years instead of hours.
2(1)] indicate the weighted vector value respectively when DEV1 and DEV2 intercommunicate using their optimal beam pairs.
The agreement concerns the natural gas straddling reservoirs Mamba and Prosperidade, placed in Area 4 and 1 respectively and which intercommunicate across the blocks boundary.
What we need to do is to have security, fire, access control, HVAC, lighting control, distribution equipment - all of those are distributed and intelligent subsystems able to control their own processes, independent of each other, but they're also able to intercommunicate .
The software solution achieved this level of SAP certified integration by leveraging the power of the SAP NetWeaver Portal for reporting the results of analysis, and the SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (SAP NetWeaver XI) to intercommunicate with data from the SAP[R] Bank Analyzer set of applications.
Service nodes intercommunicate with each other via overlay links.