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occurring between or among or common to different churches or denominations

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Therefore it has to be one of the tasks of an interchurch dialogue to establish common "epistemological" criteria, on which the agreements necessary for unity can be based.
He is bestowed with "World Interfaith Leader Award" and is Senior Fellow and Religious Advisor to New York headquartered Foundation for Interreligious Diplomacy, Director of Interfaith Relations of Nevada Clergy Association, Spiritual Advisor to National Association of Interchurch and Interfaith Families, etc.
Interchurch Marriages--Laboratories of Christian Unity?
Meanwhile Twic East county authorities urged Interchurch Medical Assistance (IMA) to complete payment of salaries for 122 staff by end of year.
Tom Clark, former interchurch coordinator for refugees for the Canadian Council of Churches, agreed with Creai that political will played a vital role in refugee resettlement in the past.
One illustration of interchurch collaboration for peace in Canada is the work of Project Ploughshares.
John the Divine, Columbia University, Corpus Christi, Interchurch Center, International House, Jewish Theological Seminary, Manhattan School of Music, The Riverside Church, St.
In an effort to alleviate these poor living conditions, the SDC and the Federal Office for Migration (FOM) contributed for the period 2008 2012 to a project run by Swiss Interchurch Aid (HEKS) and the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organisation (EHO) aimed at achieving the socio-economic integration of Roma in Vojvodina.
Keith Clements sets out to address three audiences: ecumenical enthusiasts like me; diehard opponents (whom many of us will know); and those who have simply lost interest or who find interchurch discussions frankly boring.
The interchurch service featured participants pouring water from jugs to indicate the title of the service, Streams in the Desert.
The patriarch is acknowledged as one of the leading church leaders today, a person of vision and tireless in travels and efforts to promote interchurch relations, interfaith understanding, religious freedom, peace, and human rights.
She is the speaker at the annual Lent Lecture of CACEC, the interchurch Cardiff Adult Education Centre, to be held on Thursday at 7.
A member of the ELCA Bishops Immigration Ready Bench, he also serves on the boards of the Texas Lutheran University Corporation, The Houston Coalition for Immigration Reform, the Houston Coalition for Mutual Respect Board; the Texas Conference of Churches, the Louisiana Interchurch Conference Board; and the Gulf Coast Synod Council.
Eucharistic hospitality" expresses Thomas Rausch's proposal that, prior to churches' agreeing to full interchurch communion, ecumenical dialogue might be practiced by offering occasional reception of the Eucharist to individuals in particular circumstances.
Its name became the Department of Interchurch Aid and Refugee Service.