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Both passages begin with a verb wrenched from its subject by enjambment, suggesting an interchangeableness of particular actors in a larger pageant of feminine performance.
On the general interchangeableness of goodness and beauty, see Jacques Follon, 'Amour, Sexualite, et Beaute Chez Platon: La Lecon de Diotime', Methexis 14 (2001): 45-71 at 63, fn.
Some respondents felt that Proposition two was not true because advances in technology will allow for greater interchangeableness of systems and connectivity of different systems and software.
The interchangeableness of the sexes, viewed as simple "roles" determined more by history than by nature, and the trivialization of male and female extend to the very idea of God and from there spread out to the whole religious reality.
There should be a wheel of interconnectedness and interchangeableness so that quarter-backing the plan is not wholly dependent on one person, i.