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Synonyms for interchangeable

Synonyms for interchangeable

(mathematics, logic) such that the arguments or roles can be interchanged

capable of replacing or changing places with something else

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On another matter, GTE California has extended the interchangeable dialing period dfor the 213-310 area code split.
With its unique interchangeable system, the SWD series is now compatible not only with the Hasselblad "V" mount, but also Hasselblad "H" and Mamiya 645 mounts.
And in November 1992, a nine-month interchangeable dialing period begins as the Inland Empire gets the state's 13th code -- the 909.
All of these adapters leverage the Company's iGo tip technology, which enables one power adapter to power/charge hundreds of brands and thousands of models of mobile electronic devices through the use of interchangeable tips.
The equipment station, or bench, provides interchangeable configurations that are engineered to keep pace with improved technology and new requirements.
The Wings (1 and 2) may be interchangeable with D and I in emergency situations, such as defending a screen or a skip pass.
Four-wing H swirl rotors are fully interchangeable with current four-wing traditional rotors.
A two-station semiautomatic test stand with interchangeable tooling fixtures was employed.
Digital single lens reflex cameras employing interchangeable lenses.
Furthermore, thanks to the strong backing of users over the years, Canon's EF interchangeable lenses, launched alongside the EOS SLR camera system, celebrated a new manufacturing milestone in June 2015 with the production of the 110-millionth EF-series interchangeable lens for EOS cameras, setting a new world record for the most interchangeable lenses produced.
Digital cameras can be classified into built-in lens cameras, such as point-and-shoot cameras, and interchangeable lens cameras, such as DSLRs and MILCs.
With ICPinner, locksmiths and other security hardware professionals can create pinning charts for A2, A3 and A4 small factor interchangeable core (SFIC) systems with 5, 6 or 7 chambers.
The two-piece interchangeable insert consists of a marking-unit base, which is mounted in the cavity plate, and the interchangeable insert, which can be replaced from the parting line of the mold.
All AN/PAS-13(V)2 versions are interchangeable on these weapons.
And even robot programming software, while not entirely interchangeable, has adopted enough similar user-friendly programming features that a de facto standard exists.
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