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Synonyms for interchangeable

Synonyms for interchangeable

(mathematics, logic) such that the arguments or roles can be interchanged

capable of replacing or changing places with something else

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2618279 Laboratory equipment of thermally resistant glass with interchangeable cones, other
Canon has since developed every key device in-house including the CMOS sensors, image processors and interchangeable lenses--employed in the EOS series.
Not only must it produce the same clinical result as the reference product, it also must be benignly interchangeable with it, conferring no additional risk if a patient switches from the reference to the biosimilar and back again.
This course also will help health care professionals understand how a biosimilar can be prescribed and dispensed and how and when an interchangeable product can be substituted for another biological product," points out Christl.
Brown has added California to a growing list of states that allow retail pharmacies to substitute interchangeable biologic medicines," remarked BIO president and chief executive officer Jim Greenwood.
Ciccarelli heels not only come with built in comfort insoles, but also with a red interchangeable skin to change the look and feel of the heel.
The SLT range the Alpha SLT-A77 and the Alpha SLT-A57 features Sony's award winning Translucent Mirror Technology, making it the quickest, most responsive interchangeable lens camera in its class.
According to Yasuki Okamoto, head of the Nikon's imaging division, the new Nikon 1 series with their mirrorless design, large sensors, and interchangeable lenses, will deliver benefits of dSLR cameras in smaller bodies.
Until now, 3D-capable interchangeable lens system cameras have used panorama systems or a combination of two lenses and two CCDs, but these systems have drawbacks including the need for a dedicated 3D camera and the difficulties capturing moving objects.
Vermeer has introduced the RTX100 pedestrian trencher with an easy-to-use intuitive steering system and interchangeable tracks and tires for rental markets.
The TRUMPF JUPITER, available in Fixed Column and Mobile System versions, uses interchangeable table tops to help reduce non-operative time and maintain OR schedules through parallel processing.
Panasonic) today announced joint development of technologies and devices for the "Micro Four Thirds System standard," a new standard that extends the benefits of the Four Thirds System standard for interchangeable lens type digital camera systems by enabling dramatic reductions in size and weight.
Company will be exhibiting the state-of-the-art 1200i computer controlled, single-sided rotary tablet press with interchangeable die table; their high performance 3090i computer controlled, double-sided rotary tablet press with interchangeable die table; their Die Table Segments with patent-pending technology that provides up to 25% more productivity and greatly improved yield with faster assembly, changeover and cleaning; and their ABSOLUT Cephir High Filtration/Containment System.
His feature article is headlined "Minority cartoonists: Don't lump us together" and sub-headed "A group plans to mock the idea that their work is interchangeable because of their race.
Phihong USA announced its PSC20R series of 20W adapters that feature interchangeable plugs.
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