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Synonyms for intercession

Synonyms for intercession

a prayer to God on behalf of another person

the act of intervening (as to mediate a dispute, etc.)

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If you are ever distracted while saying the Hail Mary, or utter the words in mindless repetition, you will be pleasantly surprised with intercessory prayer.
Positive Therapeutic Effects of Intercessory Prayer in Coronary Care Unit Population.
She quickly and efficiently lays out monastic vision stories and broader practices such as intercessory prayer, prayer for the dead, sacramental baptism and penance, and funeral practices and epitaphs to establish two centuries of "incremental steps" linking purgation in the afterlife and prayer for the savable soul.
Since it was believed that the time in the flames of Purgatory could be shortened by the number of intercessory prayers, wealthy associations commissioned memorial masses and prayers for the dead from as many churches as possible.
39) Like their intercessory prayers, the nuns' public churches attempted to mediate the vast distance between humanity and deity that is the purpose of spirituality.
In addition, a plethora of organizations dealing with everything from alcohol and drug recovery to intercessory prayer, as well as various choirs, sisterhoods, brotherhoods, teenage groups, outreach to the poor groups and revival groups meet regularly on every square inch of church property, especially in the rectory.
Drawing on years of research in the archives of the Castilian diocese of Cuenca, Nalle traces the transformation of the magical, intercessory faith of the Middle Ages into the complex mixture of ritual observance, social control, and popular religious enthusiasm that made up Tridentine piety.
and Australia have already begun to include the plight of the physical world in their Prayers of the People, and intercessory examples on this theme can be found on the U.
This was a double-blind, parallel group, randomized, controlled trial of an intervention involving intercessory prayer.
The studies of intercessory prayer--where scientists were trying to prove that prayer works in some kind of supernatural way--are pretty much over," he says.
Candy Gunther Brown, an associate professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Indiana University Bloomington, led the study of 'proximal intercessory prayer' for healing.
Through the experience the Lord taught Denise lessons in fasting, intercessory prayer, and ultimately lessons in forgiveness.
For instance, Greene believed consistently in personal immortality and in intercessory prayer.
When comparing this data to data of the most readily used prayer form for faculty prayer, polarized results are noted: Many respondents find faith sharing, intercessory prayer, and Gospel reflection meaningful to them, yet these forms occur far less often in schools than using resource books/devotionals for leading prayer and praying a traditional prayer like the Our Father (see Table 5).
As opposed to readings that see Portia as an object reinforcing masculinity, this essay locates in Portia a power to destabilize the system of masculine dominance through her intercessory influence--a feminine influence evocative of the emotional and religious strength of the Virgin Mary of Roman Catholic tradition.