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Synonyms for intercession

Synonyms for intercession

a prayer to God on behalf of another person

the act of intervening (as to mediate a dispute, etc.)

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Saint Anselm argues that when anxiety of mind leads to fear, "So the accused flees from the just God to the good mother of the merciful God" (112), but this long-held view of Mary as a merciful intercessor was scrutinized during the Reformation.
The intercessors could be associated with any denomination but had to agree with the following statement: "I believe in God.
Through them and his other intercessors, Massignon encountered the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
When I stepped in faith and reached London where I have never been before, one intercessor also flew to London from another country at the same time.
Most important, the Twelver clergy emphasized their own role as intercessors between man and God--another major point of difference with the Sunnis--and they looked with disdain on the Safavid leaders' claims of divine access, though without openly challenging their patrons.
Ancestors serve as intercessors between the living and the supernatural worlds.
They particularly found problems with the fact that in existing studies intercessors have often been blind as to who they were praying for, and generally had little link with the prayer targets.
assembled by the will of a living God that Jesus Christ has been ordained to be the judge of this land," said Bergel, who is president of Intercessors for America.
Coleman doesn't seem, however, to have considered the full ramifications of what Harris had admitted--namely, the possibility that any result the study might have obtained could have been explained merely by invoking various numbers of unknown intercessors, to the ends of the Earth, praying for persons in one group or the other, or for people in general, for human happiness, or whatever.
observes the first image's gradual eclipse by the second, turning the saints into powerful patrons rather than companions and exemplars and our communion with them into a hierarchy of intercessors and recipients.
Mr Aldridge supplies each of his intercessors with a list of 16 people to pray for.
I wish I could figure out a way to get the ear of all the laypeople -- God's people of North America -- and tell them: Go to your pastors and tell them that you want them to be your preachers and intercessors, period.
Over many centuries, monks had increasingly become the intercessors for society and for their benefactors through their round of prayers and alms.
Over the course of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries devotions to various saints, mostly local, disappear, to be replaced by the celebration of the cults of new Counter-Reformation intercessors.