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Synonyms for intercession

Synonyms for intercession

a prayer to God on behalf of another person

the act of intervening (as to mediate a dispute, etc.)

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Despite Alan's intent, it is the model of the warrior-saints as military intercessors that remained at the forefront of knightly piety at the end of the twelfth century.
What if a bunch of intercessors stormed heaven on behalf of some important issue?
She avoids the use of strong apologetics when discussing delicate topics for non-Catholic audiences such as Marian prayer and heavenly intercessors while describing these time-honored traditions with passion and an alluring tone.
The fear of harsh judgment and the impotence of all male intercessors ultimately culminate with Gratiano's frustrated questioning, "Can no prayers pierce thee?
Rev Joy Cousans led the service, ably assisted by the readers Dolly Bywater and Edward Toulson, intercessors Kath and Brendan McDaid, server Sean Fisher, the choir and the organist Jonathan Newcombe.
Indeed, they were like intercessors between God and man in much the same way as the Catholic Church still uses priests.
No wonder they felt the need for religious intercessors to pray for their souls.
On this day, the Orthodox Church celebrates the feast day of the two brother-saints--St Boris and St Gleb, the Passionbearers, venerated by the Russian nation as their protectors and intercessors.
Gregory urged believers to perceive the martyrs as "advocates, intercessors, .
First, Protestantism projected the mistrust of the Roman Church hierarchy into the celestial realm and denied any validity to earthly intercessors.
No one knew much about personal computers, and there was little sense of networking; so users were dependent on others--who as intercessors often acted as high priests and druids--to process information, provide output reports and resolve problems.
Higgins is not averse to a more relaxed stance, whereby saints are seen, not as miracle workers, or intercessors with special access to God, but as fellow companions on the Christian path who have struck a chord with us.
Brief stays did not allow enough time for subjects to be assigned to groups and for the intercessors to pray for the patients.
In 1993 this zone became the focus of the Praying Through the Window project in which 'up to 40 million intercessors were mobilized to pray for the same thing on the same day through October on four different occasions' (Wagner 2000).
For older Catholics, acknowledging the saints as intercessors may seem superfluous at best, given the Church's proper attention since Vatican II to Christ the intercessor.