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a fast maneuverable fighter plane designed to intercept enemy aircraft

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A senior police official told M AIL T ODAY : " We don't have enough staff to use interceptors.
The details of the 'kill effect' of the interceptor missile were analysed after retrieving all the data from various radars and telemetry stations," the media quoted a defence official AS saying.
We launched an interceptor that crossed the atmosphere and went deep into space.
According to sources, the interceptor is a 24-foot-long single stage solid rocket.
In the last year, the agency has achieved a production rate of one interceptor per month.
More information on Eric Morecambe's Jensen Interceptor and its restoration can be found at www.
Commenting on the results, Arie Groeneveld, Ford's Police Interceptor chief engineer, said: "We are proud to maintain our performance advantages, and these validate Ford Police Interceptor leadership.
Radars were stationed at Konark and Paradip coast to monitor the behaviour of the interceptor missle, sources said.
A 1970 Jensen Interceptor outside 'The Interceptor' pub in West Bromwich which has been named after it <B
And an Interceptor played a starring role in Fast and Furious 6, which is a huge compliment to its enduring appeal.
The coast guard used in the operation a newly acquired interceptor boats from Europe which were much needed to fight drug traffickers and smuggling.
WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration announced Friday that it is abandoning a key part of its European missile defense plan: an interceptor that had been strongly opposed by Russia.
Since 2009 the MDA has committed most of its development efforts to improving the Navy's SM-3 interceptor and supporting sensors.
Following a major collapse of a section of the Oakland Macomb Interceptor System in 2004, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department performed an extensive inspection of the 42-mile system, and began a major program of rehabilitation of various distressed areas.
Auto Business News-September 14, 2012--Ford Motor Company to equip Police Interceptor sedan with 3.