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Since the concentrations of the intercalate can be varied, it is possible to build intercalation compounds wherein many adjacent graphite layers are interrupted by the occasional intercalate layer (see Fig.
PhytoMedical believes a more effective anti-cancer strategy is to design molecules ("bis-intercalators") that can intercalate simultaneously at two DNA sites, thereby further increasing the binding between the drug and the DNA of specific cancer cells in order to stop their replication and ultimately resulting in the death of the cancer cell.
A polar monomer can intercalate between day sheets, and polymerization leads to exfoliation.
If the pressures of the gasified intercalate increases excessively on heat treatment of GICs, a significant expansion along the c-axis takes place.
Upon a negative potential applied on the functionalized graphite electrode, H+ cations from protic ionic liquid electrolyte will be inserted into graphite interlayers and be reduced to hydrogen gas to further open the edge of graphite, which will facilitate the larger imidazolium cations to intercalate, expand and completely exfoliate graphite to single layer graphene.
The microcomposite is obtained when the polymer chains are unable to intercalate between the layered silicates.
5 wt% of intercalate was reported on the technical data sheet.