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Layered structure of phyllosilicates offers a chance to intercalate the organic guest species including polymer chains into the interlayer space and to create high degree of structure ordering.
However, in case of intercalate previously heated with KOH at 500 o C, the thermal stability is comparable with the original clay.
Since the concentrations of the intercalate can be varied, it is possible to build intercalation compounds wherein many adjacent graphite layers are interrupted by the occasional intercalate layer (see Fig.
A polar monomer can intercalate between day sheets, and polymerization leads to exfoliation.
The basic method to determine the quality of intercalation and the structure of a final intercalate is X-ray diffraction which is suitably supplemented by computer molecular modeling in works of Weiss et al.
The microcomposite is obtained when the polymer chains are unable to intercalate between the layered silicates.
5 wt% of intercalate was reported on the technical data sheet.
However, in this case, PP does not intercalate between silicate layers in any cases (with or without MA-g-PP) because of elastamine excess.
The added modifier may adsorb on the clay surface or intercalate into clay galleries through cationic exchange.
These macrornolecules can easily intercalate into organoclay during the mixing process [12], and this can be attributed to strong interactions between the benzene side groups of SBR and amine groups of the octadecyl-amine modifier on the surface clay layers [13], Additionally, small peaks (marked with * in Fig.
Upon a negative potential applied on the functionalized graphite electrode, H+ cations from protic ionic liquid electrolyte will be inserted into graphite interlayers and be reduced to hydrogen gas to further open the edge of graphite, which will facilitate the larger imidazolium cations to intercalate, expand and completely exfoliate graphite to single layer graphene.