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provision of logistic (or administrative) support by one or more of the military services to one or more departments or agencies of the United States government

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Prior to the passage of the Economy Act, constitutional restrictions on redelegation and interagency fund transfers prohibited federal agencies from turning to brethren agencies for assistance, except in the rare circumstance where Congress specifically authorized interagency support.
In order to really manage assets effectively, you've got to have a lot of information about them, and you've got to have it on a routine basis,'' said Rob Cook, deputy director for the Interagency Support Division within DGS.
planning stage) and involved problem-solving Forces behind collaboration Facing the pressure from the community or public--better to get the job done Development of trust/respect Not taking advantage of collaborating agencies; not criticizing each other overtly or covertly Interagency support Sharing resources; working together instead of competing with each other; providing technical support to other agencies Threat/elimination of turf Pulling out funding; removing someone who does not want to collaborate Intangible human factor Not wanting to hurt anyone; being sensitive to others' needs Change of rules/regulations Revising the rules that hinder collaboration; using waiver Total Categories PC % PS (n=16) (n=17) Enhanced communication 10 62.
12] The interagency support for such operations may or may not need to be as centrally controlled.
Carmichael previously served as director of the Coast Guard's Operations and Interagency Support Division.
Obviously, the persistent lack of good interagency support doesn't bode well for a more off-the-shelf operation.
Interagency Support Council of East Williamson County: Supports East Williamson County school-based mental health project; provides counseling, therapy, and case management for students.
Contract Awarded for The construction services in support of various military, civil works and international and interagency support projects
The logistics challenges that the nation faces have increased dramatically since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and the need for multinational logistics and interagency support is apparent now more than ever.
The project utilizes an Interagency Support Team (IST) that provides consultation and training to community teams, focusing on both the individual student and broader systemic needs.
Area non-profit organizations receiving mental health services funding are Any Baby Can, Austin Child Guidance Center, Austin Recovery, Breakthrough, Capital Area Mental Health Center, Communities In Schools, Family Crisis Center, FamilyConnections, Hays-Caldwell Women's Center, the Interagency Support Council of East Williamson County, Leander ISD, Lone Star Circle of Care, People's Community Clinic, SafePlace, Samaritan Center for Counseling and Pastoral Care, the SIMS Foundation, and Waterloo Counseling.
Members of such an interagency structure would also work together to implement strategic information plans proposed by the affected geographic Combatant Commanders to both the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who would provide these requests for interagency support such as was executed so successfully during Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti.
In 2001 he was assigned as Director, Interagency Support and Anti Terrorism / Force Protection Division on the Navy Pentagon staff.
The DGS Interagency Support Division began addressing the deficit in September 2004.
He directed interagency support of both Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in 2001, and Operation Iraqi Freedom during its pre-, trans-, and post-war phases.
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