interactive multimedia system

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a multimedia system in which related items of information are connected and can be presented together

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The decision to use videodisc or videotape in an interactive multimedia system has greater implications than access speed, image quality and expense.
The object of this procedure is the selection of a contractor for "Production, supply and installation of an interactive multimedia system interpretative center in Bazr - Yambol, equipment and weapons of attraction for NAR" Kabyle, equipment for NAR "Kabyle" and Bazr in the city .
The object of this procedure is the selection of a contractor for "production, supply and installation of an interactive multimedia system for the interpretation centre in bazr - yambol, equipment and weapons of attraction for nar" kabyle, equipment for nar "kabyle" and bazr in the city .
collect 37 papers from the Sixth International Conference on Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services (KES-IIMSS2013), held in Sesimbra, Portugal, in June 2013.
Professor Bob Stone, Chair of Interactive Multimedia Systems at the University of Birmingham, and lead investigator, said the technology could be made available to anyone who, for whatever reason, is in hospital, bed-bound or cannot get outside.
Bob Stone, professor of interactive multimedia systems at the University of Birmingham's department of electronic, electrical and computer engineering, is starting an 18-month tour of the UK and Europe lecturing on the fall and rise of Virtual Reality -explaining how VR will gradually play a role in our daily lives.
Sales of the Goldstar and Panasonic 3DO interactive multimedia systems have reportedly skyrocketed since their suggested retail prices were cut last month.
In this course, attendees learn key aspects of perceptual theory and its application to design of interactive multimedia systems through lectures, demonstrations, and design case studies.
Job Title: Professor of Interactive Multimedia Systems, School of Engineering, University of Birmingham.
The Consortium has continued the successful testing of interactive multimedia systems, such as H.
Prof Stone recently joined the university's school of engineering as chair in interactive multimedia systems.
Interactive Multimedia Systems I is an overview course in which interactive concepts are emphasized.
has signed an agreement with Nokia (NYSE:NOK) to distribute Nokia's digital multimedia terminal, the Nokia Mediamaster, for use in interactive multimedia systems.
MarCole management has been working with interactive multimedia systems since 1982 and has comprehensive technical experience as well as extensive experience in both the retail and distribution channels.
provides engineering services, information technologies, and interactive multimedia systems to government and commercial clients.
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