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Synonyms for intentness

the quality of being intent and concentrated

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You see I come of rebellious blood on both sides," Will ended, smiling brightly at Dorothea, while she was still looking with serious intentness before her, like a child seeing a drama for the first time.
He had drawn a little on one side and he was watching the young soldier with a curious intentness.
She was leaning back in the farthest corner of her chair, her head resting slightly upon her fingers, her eyes studying with a curious intentness the outline of Wingrave's pale, hard face.
He stopped and regarded her, all of an intentness and eagerness, physically expressed, that slowly faded out of him as she turned her head and gazed back at the camp.
He leaned forward, his hands between his knees, scarcely breathing, as if he were holding himself away from his surroundings, from the room, and from the very chair in which he sat, from everything except the wild eddies of snow above the river on which his eyes were fixed with feverish intentness, as if he were trying to project himself thither.
As a protection, she adopted a demeanor of intentness as if going somewhere.
Above them, lightly balanced upon a leafy tree limb, a gray-eyed youth watched with eager intentness their every move.
The doctor, who was looking at him with frowning intentness, only said: "And the other hint?
Buck did not comprehend that silent intentness, nor the eager way with which they were licking their chops.