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Synonyms for intention

Synonyms for intention

Synonyms for intention

an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions

(usually plural) the goal with respect to a marriage proposal

an act of intending

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My intention in writing "Falk" was not to shock anybody.
If you ask why Larsan bought the cane, if he had no intention of manufacturing evidence against Darzac by means of it, the answer is quite simple.
Let me paint the man like Manet, and the intention of his soul can go to the devil.
He bribed all the household, he gave and offered gifts and presents to my parents; every day was like a holiday or a merry-making in our street; by night no one could sleep for the music; the love letters that used to come to my hand, no one knew how, were innumerable, full of tender pleadings and pledges, containing more promises and oaths than there were letters in them; all which not only did not soften me, but hardened my heart against him, as if he had been my mortal enemy, and as if everything he did to make me yield were done with the opposite intention.
It not only serves to moderate the immediate mischiefs of those which may have been passed, but it operates as a check upon the legislative body in passing them; who, perceiving that obstacles to the success of iniquitous intention are to be expected from the scruples of the courts, are in a manner compelled, by the very motives of the injustice they meditate, to qualify their attempts.
Edna admired the skill of his maneuver, and avoided any occasion to balk his intentions.
Upon the security of this oath, I made them acquainted with my intention, an intention, they told me, it was impossible to put in execution.
We tried to unite them, with the evident intention of giving battle and checking the enemy's advance, and by this effort to unite them while avoiding battle with a much stronger enemy, and necessarily withdrawing the armies at an acute angle- we led the French on to Smolensk.
I am very much interested," Francis said slowly, "to hear of your intentions.
Every intelligent person present could see that the prisoner's chance of an honorable acquittal depended on tracing the poison to the possession of his wife--or at least on proving her expressed intention to obtain it.
His life's experiences backed by instinct told him that the Tarmangani was about to rob him of his prey and as Sheeta was hungry, he had no intention of being thus easily deprived of the flesh he already considered his own.
He had no love for authority, and certainly not the slightest intention of submitting to the domination of an ordinary Swede sailor.
ONCE UPON A TIME, when the Sun announced his intention to take a wife, the Frogs lifted up their voices in clamor to the sky.
When I bury a bone," said the Dog, "it is with an intention to uncover it later and pick it.
He that hath the best of these intentions, when he aspireth, is an honest man; and that prince, that can discern of these intentions in another that aspireth, is a wise prince.