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The intensiveness of commitment to an identity is the depth of the relationships entered by virtue of an identity.
An ecotone as a zone of conversion between adjoining ecosystems is defined by spatial and time scales, and also by intensiveness of interaction between contacting ecosystems [2].
Price is found to be positively linked to technology intensiveness, in which case, the greater the technology, the higher will be the price (Jain, 1989).
While England showed intensiveness going forward (though not solidarity at the back) Rooney played as though he was carrying a sack of coals.
The investigation was conducted in a software corporation (Alpha) because its internal and external environments were characterized by technology and innovation intensiveness, and it was passing through regulatory, economic and political changes.
Peyala (2011) asserts that the computerization of acquisition unit enhances funds control, quick checking of approved books devoid of duplication and manages labour intensiveness in the manual system.
When asked to share their perceptions of tactile graphics as instructional tools, many teachers stressed the labor intensiveness of such graphics, both in terms of their production and the need to support students in their use.
The crucial modelling feature Of his work is 'contrast': as an object's character is divided into yin and yang, elements such as tenderness and intensiveness, brightness and darkness, beauty and ugliness are in coexistence and also in contrast.
Venkataratnam's (1999) study shows that the institution and practices of collective bargaining have been on the decline over the years in view of: the shrinking size of the organized sector; capital intensiveness of industry; government granting permission to close enterprises and reduce employment through retrenchment and voluntary retirement schemes; promotion of export processing zones where labor rights exist only on paper; acute need of the employers to meet fast paced developments of the competitive scenario; and, government's passive role in cases of labor law violations and other anti labor practices.
However, the literature suggests two common dimensions that transcend most contexts: knowledge intensiveness and technology integration.
In addition, many FFSs did not produce all the Project vegetables (cabbage and lettuce, gboma and carrot) in both Project cycles, clearly reducing their intensiveness.
Risk level depends on: number of accidents in selected route section (k), accident average in selected segment of route ([lambda]), safety elements which are applied to decrease the risk level (se), intensiveness of usual traffic (a), consequences of the accident in selected route section ([C.
Also, in order to allow the effect of agriculture to depend on the intensiveness of farming, a term is also included that is the interaction of FARM with an indicator of pesticide use (FARMxPEST).
Swiss lender UBS AG (NYSE: UBS) has cut 20 jobs at its Canadian unit in accordance with its investment strategy of greater focus, more efficiency and less capital intensiveness, said a spokesperson for the bank.