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3) An alternative specification of the gravity model would include the expected level of future GDP to account for the time intensiveness of international trading activity.
The patterns repeat in a way what was verified in the previous section: there is a greater use of demonstratives (CD and NCD) in Romance languages as a correspondence, in L, to inter-clausal articulator of coordinates and/or adverbial clauses (7 cases), introducer of clarification (5), agentive (3), inter-clausal articulator (substantive clauses) (2), anaphora (11) and intensiveness (6).
Knowledge intensiveness refers to knowledge that is embedded within production processes (Eimaraghy & Urbanic, 2004; van Hoek, 1998; Li et al.
Risk level depends on: number of accidents in selected route section (k), accident average in selected segment of route ([lambda]), safety elements which are applied to decrease the risk level (se), intensiveness of usual traffic (a), consequences of the accident in selected route section ([C.
Though there are numerous risks for the insurance company in the shadow account UL market, as well as capital intensiveness and limited profitability, these products have been a hit with the consumer looking to maintain life insurance protection for a long time frame at a reasonable price.
Swiss lender UBS AG (NYSE: UBS) has cut 20 jobs at its Canadian unit in accordance with its investment strategy of greater focus, more efficiency and less capital intensiveness, said a spokesperson for the bank.
The 7- to 13-day itineraries surrounding the new destinations also offer cultural capital overnights and extra port intensiveness.
According to the figures of IAGTO, the most important cause behind the drop is the time intensiveness of golf: people are increasingly choosing less time consuming activities.
Israeli Deputy Court President Judge Lili Jung-Goffer determined that the substance of what Nazzem Abu Salim, aged 47, said and wrote, the type of violence he encouraged and praised, the size of his audience and their identity, the intensiveness of the publicity and the mood of the public he was preaching to left no doubt that there existed a real possibility that his words could spur others to violence or terror, according to the Israeli daily (Haaretz).
In consequence, due to the relatively wide freedom of the LGUs in shaping organisational structures and setting the approach to performing public tasks--the intensiveness and character of solutions implemented by them may form an effective index of assessing how pro-developmental the policy of local government authorities is (Skica, Kiebala, Rodzinka, Resko, Wolowiec, 2011).
The leaching from the heap is not directly dependent on the amount of water flowing through the heap, but rather on the intensiveness of the oxidation process of the rocks.
Yet, the ratings are weakened by the company's small scale of operations, low profitability margins due to trading nature of business and its working capital intensiveness that leads to high gearing levels.
While production processes have shifted from labor intensiveness to capital intensiveness, the importance of labor has not waned.
Aggressively and intensiveness of marketing and promotion including advertisements will determine success in marketing of detergent in Indonesia.