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The Northern Ireland Housing Executive invites tenders for the provision of a dispersed, intensively managed emergency accommodation service for homeless people as described in the tender documentation.
The minister said both sides have been working rather intensively and are rather satisfied by the effort.
He added that "coalition aircraft bombed sites for the (IS) accurately and intensively, where aircraft bombed 70 sites for elements of the (IS) and this bombing destroyed many of the sites , adding the (IS) began elements evacuate their headquarters for fear of intensive bombing, stressing that the bombing led to the killing and wounding nearly 100 terrorists.
Coca of Yale and colleagues found that compared with those who had usual treatment, intensively controlling glucose with higher doses of medication did not definitively reduce the risk of impaired kidney function, the need for dialysis, or death from kidney disease.
However the chicken in its ready meals is from intensively reared standard birds.
Sutton College has an excellent reputation for preparing students for re-takes and has a good understanding of the individual needs of students who want to study intensively for 12 months.
Slatkin will begin his involvement at the Jacobs School during the 2007-2008 year through residencies of several weeks in which he will conduct student orchestras and work intensively with instrumental conducting and composition students.
Marubeni will continue to invest and grow the MRC business quite intensively in a short time to double the size of its asset in order to meet the strong American railway transportation demand.
Communicate strategy intensively both internally and externally, to make clear to the market the value of an organization with a high degree of employee engagement.
Increased acreage dedicated solely to intensively managed continuous corn rotation means an increase in soil erosion and local nutrient loads contributing to eutrophication of rivers, streams and lakes, reduced fish habitat, impaired drinking water and hypoxic (oxygen-depleted) zones in coastal waters.
They are but one of many groups and animal charities who seek to make the public aware of the appalling suffering of animals farmed intensively for the meat trade.
Study intensively the actions, attitudes and personas of each one of its members, and then follow them to their fate at the war's end.
They don't have stability in their lives because they go from working intensively with one group of people who they never see again after several months, then they work intensively with another group of people.
Many of these proteins are linked to protein kinase C, a signaling molecule whose role in development and function, as well as in learning and memory, has been intensively studied.
Most turkeys and ducks farmed for the major supermarkets are intensively reared, the charity said.