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There are going to be new changes to learning to drive and though nothing has been officially said, there is talk of banning intensive courses; Academy Intensive are clearly against the ban.
Determinants of family satisfaction in the intensive care unit
The MIND study - believed to be the first-ever randomized study to examine the effect of intensive glucose lowering on cognition and brain structure in older people with type 2 diabetes - began in August 2003, 34 months into ACCORD, and continued until December 2005.
If new cases continue to rise as people return to work and school, hospitals may turn operating theatres into intensive care units.
There is extended evidence-based information about the needs and experiences of patients and family members in intensive care.
This effect suggests that for a given technology, trade and wages are linked through the changes in relative prices of skilled and unskilled labor intensive products.
More than half of admissions to kids' intensive care units are unplanned and breathing problems account for around one in four cases.
More than half of admissions to paediatric intensive care units are unplanned and problems with breathing accounts for around one in four cases.
The results of the present study indicate that vigorous nutritional support enhances motor recovery in undernourished patients receiving intensive inpatient rehabilitation after a stroke.
OBJECTIVE: The objective is to describe the experiences of critical care nurses in the management of a large intensive care unit.
At American Ballet Theatre's summer intensive in New York City, "It's another way to grow," says Nancy Raffa, director of summer intensives for ABT.
By its very nature, an intensive care unit (ICU) is not a comfortable place.
Neonatal intensive care units routinely save the lives of extremely premature and critically ill newborns.
Occupancy of intensive care cots in the North-east.
With hard drives exceeding 500GBs in capacity and even larger drives on the horizon, the impact of a single drive failing and the resulting intensive XOR rebuild has reached the point of no return.
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