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increasing in strength or intensity


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The ministry warns, occasionally intensifying north-west wind will blow in Baku and Absheron peninsula on January 20.
Adding that they will be intensifying traffic patrols in the vicinity of mosques, malls and other areas where crowds are expected.
NASA's TRMM satellite captured rainfall data of Bopha and noticed "Hot Tower" thunderstorms as it was intensifying from a tropical storm into a typhoon.
Hague said that Britain was not calling for military action, and stressed that they "believe in intensifying the peaceful, legitimate pressure on Iran.
We need effective lobbying and the effort is intensifying," he said.
This is not good news for Phillips, who argues that the United States (like the Roman, Spanish, Dutch, and British empires) exhibits several signs of the religious fervor associated with a dying power, including: "widespread concern over cultural and economic decay," an intensifying "church-state relationship," a downplaying of reason and science, and a growing expectation of some apocalyptic event.
The wrath of intensifying hurricanes and typhoons stoked by warming oceans has already devastated parts of the subtropics.
c intensifying the already-heavy bombing of Japanese cities.
Despite a huge propaganda effort to convince the world that China is becoming much more open and free since the June 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, religious persecution has been intensifying.
From childhood through adolescence, budding readers display gradually intensifying neural activity in parts of the brain's left hemisphere that discern relationships between sounds and letters, say neuroscientist Guinevere Eden of Georgetown University in Washington, D.
Even as diplomats from Washington to Moscow shuttled from capital to capital carrying the outlines of a settlement, the United States and NATO vowed to keep intensifying the attacks, which continued for a 45th day.
In the investment market, Summer reports that competition between investors is intensifying as a result of property values increasing.
Intensifying Competition from Smaller Independent UPS Manufacturers to Result in Innovative Marketing Strategies