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Synonyms for intensify

Synonyms for intensify

to make greater in intensity or severity

Synonyms for intensify

increase in extent or intensity

Related Words

make more intense, stronger, or more marked

make the chemically affected part of (a negative) denser or more opaque in order produce a stronger contrast between light and dark

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The post Turkey and US to intensify drive to push IS from Syria border appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
In the meantime, officials said, NATO would intensify its bombing of Yugoslavia.
Pagasa said there is a possibility that the LPA will intensify into a tropical cyclone as it remained at sea.
Carter expects coalition air campaign to intensify, with more aircraft and an increased tempo of operations.
In addition, he says, SBS complaints intensify among employees with little control over their work situation -- for instance, those who must sit all day at a computer terminal with no access to an open window.
Meanwhile, forecaster Jori Loiz said Lawin may intensify into a super typhoon.
The president made clear we would deepen and intensify the bombing campaign to targets not just in Kosovo, but in Serbia proper,'' said David Leavy, spokesman for the National Security Council.
The climatic event started off slowly, but experts say it could intensify in the next few months, altering weather patterns around the globe.
Duterte, currently the acting mayor after her sister Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, took an official leave of absence, told reporters on Thursday, that he has ordered the police and military to beef up security and intensify intelligence gathering to avert possible attacks from the international terror group.
Government forces bombed three rebel-held towns in eastern Zaire on Monday and vowed to intensify the attacks, which witnesses said killed at least six people.
Sunspot pairs, which are thought to be the sites where the sun's magnetic field erupts from and reenters the sun, intensify as they move from midlatitudes to the west and toward the equator.
Not yet as the state weather bureau said the northeast monsoon or hanging amihan will intensify this week.