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the quality of language that is comprehensible

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However, in that case, we would have referred more to the intelligibility of the text than to the intelligibility of particular sentences.
5) This upward shift makes it difficult to distinguish the formant structures of the different vowels and thus lowers their intelligibility.
In order to measure single-word intelligibility for each speech mode, participants were first administered the Modified Rhyme Test (House et al.
PureSpeech combines SRS' VIP+[TM] advanced technology, which dynamically improves voice intelligibility at the near end, with CSR's Clear Voice Capture (CVC([R])) echo cancellation and noise reduction software, which improves audio quality at the far end.
Used in combination with the DIRAC 6 room acoustics software, the new Echo Speech Source Type 4720 enables users to perform speech intelligibility measurements, which meet standards IEC 60268-16 and ISO 3382-3 (open plan offices).
One then appreciates the intelligibility and consistency that Duprat's translation provides, based as it is on her careful consideration of the immediate or larger context of the argument.
Now a Danish company has developed an electronic technique for measuring speech intelligibility objectively and quickly.
Brought together to improve the performance of Bluetooth mono and stereo headsets, the partnership with CSR specifically covers NXP Software's solutions for 2-microphone and 1-microphone noise reduction, AEC, intelligibility improvements and far-end noise reduction.
94), are indefinable; they mark out many irreducibly analogous meanings that come in pairs of opposites, the intelligibility of which are mutually dependent (p.
An FM sound field system, Radium was designed to improve classroom acoustics and overcome the effects that background noise, reverberation and distance can have on speech intelligibility.
In the early-modern period, in short, wonder marked the very limits of intelligibility even as it appeared to signify a presence that could neither be ignored nor articulated.
We're concerned about how you can improve the intelligibility and naturalness of speech synthesized by a computer," says psychologist David B.
The Alango VCP improves speech intelligibility in dynamic, noisy environments using either a single or dual microphone input.
The line distinguishes several orders of intelligibility.
ATC's LRAD products communicate in excess of 500 meters with authority and high intelligibility through vocal commands and powerful warning tones to influence behavior, gain compliance, and determine intent.