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Synonyms for intelligentsia


Synonyms for intelligentsia

an educated and intellectual elite

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If you want to know the key to Intelligentsia Roaster's success, the driving force behind everything the company strives to do and does do--well, the secret, magical ingredient is out.
Intelligentsia not only has two cafes located in Chicago, but also has grown to have a multitude of wholesale customers, including Chicago restaurants such as Charlie Trotter's and Blackbird (whose chef is a 2004 James Beard Award winner), the Manhattan-based Keens Steakhouse, as well as St.
Intelligentsia Coffee, which derives its name from the European coffeehouses of yesteryear (before the days of coffee chain stores), when cafes were locations for people to gather for lively intellectual discussion, was founded in 1995 when Zell and Mange decided to take their marriage one step further and turn their complimentary work styles into a business.
We thought we knew a lot about coffee," Zell jokes, referring back to the beginnings of Intelligentsia.
Mignolo's work does more than just illustrate that yes, preliterate intelligentsias did exist, it reveals the cultural blinders behind the way Goody framed the question in the first place.