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secret information about an enemy (or potential enemy)

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In addition, Memex enables case de-confliction and will provide proactive notifications and alerts to units within Major Crimes, enhancing the quality of intelligence information.
In a similar development, the operatives of the Udenu Division of the Nigeria Police Force Enugu state Command acting on intelligence information have nabbed one Odo Chibuike of Iheakpu Obollo Afor in Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu state on 6/3/18 with a locally made pistol with one live cartridge.
Islamabad [Pakistan], Oct 22 ( ANI ): China has asked Pakistan to increase the security of its newly appointed ambassador in Islamabad, fearing intelligence information that terrorists are planning to attack him, The Express Tribune reported.
In light of the recent threats to our country's national security, including disturbance to peace and order by lawless elements, the importance of gathering intelligence information by concerned government agencies cannot be overstated,' the resolution said.
Reportedly, TENCAP provides Army commanders with actionable intelligence information gathered around the world.
He said that anyway this should not be interpreted as doubting of intelligence information of other countries, but the USA relies on its own intelligence information.
He on the occasion dispelled the impression that we lack the intelligence information, rather we have succeeded in foiling nine out of 10 major incidents on the basis of intelligence information.
Major-General Abdul Jalil Mahdi, Director of the General Department for Anti-Narcotics at Dubai Police, said the police Central Operations Section has been monitoring the gang after receiving intelligence information about their operation.
for the purpose of obtaining foreign intelligence information,' id.
The new contracts will replace the Air Force's $2 billion Intelligence Information, Command and Control Equipment and Enhancement (ICE2) contract and the Defense Intelligence Information System Integration and Engineering Support broad purchase agreements.
The lack of intelligence information sharing between the federal government and the private security sector is much as it was more than 40 years ago when I ceased employment at the CIA Office of Security.
One of the six Future Total Force initiatives involved establishing a distributive ground station in western New York to process global intelligence information.
CSG has taken their retail intelligence information to a new online level.
If only one treatise on the war were to be included in a library collection, it should be Keegan's The Iraq War : the various chapters include exclusive interviews with Donald Rumsfeld, General Tommy Franks, and other key participants, while data on the war's costs, consequences and complications analyze both intelligence information and social and political implications.
Part of the answer may be that there was tremendous pressure from the administration to produce intelligence information to justify war with Iraq.
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