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Synonyms for intellectual

Synonyms for intellectual

relating to or performed by the mind

appealing to or engaging the intellect

having or showing intelligence, often of a high order

a person of great mental ability

Synonyms for intellectual

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This analysis of The Moviegoer recontextualizes and expands my treatment of the book in Rosenberg, "The Retrieval of Religious Intellectuality.
Home environment factors which have been shown to be strong predictors of reading achievement are parents' educational aspiration and expectations, and encouragement of intellectuality and reading (Fan & Chen, 2001; Fergusson et al.
The increasing need to cope with a fast-paced intellectuality and the challenges that come along with it was the incentive behind the Kuwaiti participation, KLA told KUNA on Saturday.
His study focused on the development and intellectuality of astronomy of that time.
Not surprisingly, therefore, he mentions neither Theodor Adorno's critique of jazz as "musical fetishism" nor the apocalyptic vision of Thomas Mann's Doktor Faustus, and concludes his book with the very catholic hope that "there is music waiting to be written that combines the intellectuality of Bach (or Debussy) with the raw energy of Coltrane (or The Pixies or Einsturzende Neubauten)" (p.
Despite all of the accomplishments and accolades noted above, and while recognizing her deep intellectuality, perhaps Justice Durham's greatest gift is that of being a mentor.
The process, says Meisner, is designed "to eliminate all intellectuality.
That such fatuous premises can be popular is perhaps just another indication of the lack of true intellectuality in academia, since no one who is really serious in the approach to intellectual issues would entertain them.
Midnight in Paris does not abuse intellectuality to choke the audience; indeed, genius is somewhat mocked, what with Hemingway's (Corey Stoll) po-faced lectures about real writers not being afraid of death, while Salvador Dali (Adrien Brody) harps on about Rhinoceroses (the funniest part of the film).
Asked how spirituality differs from emotionality and intellectuality, Maffin replies, "Spirituality gets at the very essence of who and what you really are and what you believe about the important things in life.
Occasionally, though, one wishes for a somewhat stronger reconstructive take on the material, for we speed through a series of topics--the mutual entailment of immateriality and intellectuality, Sadra's criticism of earlier theories of knowledge, the relation of perception to intellection, Sadra's take on the notion of active intellect, the unification argument, self-knowledge, and God's knowledge--at such a pace that the reader will face a considerable task in forming an overall picture of Sadrian epistemology.
In "Film and the Masquerade," Mary Ann Doane describes the way in which the prop of glasses is typically used to depict female sexuality in classical Hollywood film: "The woman with glasses signifies simultaneously intellectuality and undesirability; but the moment she removes her glasses (a moment which, it seems, must always be shown and which itself is linked with a certain sensual quality), she is transformed into spectacle, the very picture of desire" (27).
While his intellectual and creative brilliance were duly noticed, what was also becoming clear was that his mental well-being was too unstable to do the work of parish priest and his brilliant intellectuality too eccentric to teach in their schools.
I have been involved in many debating tournaments in Asian countries but I have never felt that intellectuality I witnessed with our students at this tournament.