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Synonyms for intellectual

Synonyms for intellectual

relating to or performed by the mind

appealing to or engaging the intellect

having or showing intelligence, often of a high order

a person of great mental ability

Synonyms for intellectual

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Politics in intellectuality (of which I have not yet spoken, but will say a few words here), in subjectivity, and in interiority are formulations that do not exclude one another, but that distinguish their assignment or their destination:
This analysis of The Moviegoer recontextualizes and expands my treatment of the book in Rosenberg, "The Retrieval of Religious Intellectuality.
He had come to believe that the characteristic intellectuality of the Marxist tradition was so closed-minded, even hermetically-sealed, against empirical controls and dissenting views that it led directly, in ways he not only could specify but also had experienced, to "Stalinism:" to the dictatorship of the proletariat in the form of a proletarian dictator.
According to Geiger "The real art takes place between pure sensitivity and intellectuality.
The increasing need to cope with a fast-paced intellectuality and the challenges that come along with it was the incentive behind the Kuwaiti participation, KLA told KUNA on Saturday.
His study focused on the development and intellectuality of astronomy of that time.
Of course, in spite of the sound intellectuality behind their discourses, it was rather casually forgotten by the Islamist intellectuals that the history of the caliphate system that they were using to justify their argument too was riddled with the cynicism and cut-throat politics that they were decrying about the so-called western political ideologies.
The presence of so many organizations that need to make a profit for their shareholders --whether testing companies like Pearson, for-profit schools, for-profit school management companies, or textbook manufacturers--rewards shallowness and punishes intellectuality.
Intellectuality demands a grand theory, along with opinions on every subject under the sun.
Even the Vedas states "Parents should gift their daughter intellectuality and power of knowledge when she leaves for husband's home.
The human nature obviously is to overshadow less powerful small beings which will overcome only by advancement of intellectuality and great human qualities which unfortunately rare and need to improve.
That such fatuous premises can be popular is perhaps just another indication of the lack of true intellectuality in academia, since no one who is really serious in the approach to intellectual issues would entertain them.
Midnight in Paris does not abuse intellectuality to choke the audience; indeed, genius is somewhat mocked, what with Hemingway's (Corey Stoll) po-faced lectures about real writers not being afraid of death, while Salvador Dali (Adrien Brody) harps on about Rhinoceroses (the funniest part of the film).
Asked how spirituality differs from emotionality and intellectuality, Maffin replies, "Spirituality gets at the very essence of who and what you really are and what you believe about the important things in life.
And because the human soul is vulnerable to Promethean and Faustian temptations, human morality inevitably falls short of human intellectuality.