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Synonyms for rationalism

(philosophy) the doctrine that knowledge is acquired by reason without resort to experience

the theological doctrine that human reason rather than divine revelation establishes religious truth

the doctrine that reason is the right basis for regulating conduct

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Some critics applaud the depth and insight Roth (who studied comparative literature) achieves, while others accuse the author of adopting the same aloof intellectualism he attributes to his father.
The Black Power Movement of the 1960s gave rise to the emergence of the Black Public Intellectual, led to the institutionalization of the Black Academic and inspired a renewed surge of Black intellectualism surrounding the introduction of hip hop scholarship in the 1990s.
I do S n't think it's an artform that has had its day, but modern poetry does seem to involve an awful lot of posturing and fake intellectualism.
Obama has pursued a saturation strategy concerning the mass media, as Lim's analysis would predict, but my own casual observation of the first year of the new administration leaves me with an untested hunch that there may be something discernibly different about the level of intellectualism in this president's messages.
Review by Katajun Amirpur Tariq Ramadan is EuropeAAEs most admired Muslim intellectual, combining heavyweight intellectualism and charisma.
Alex said Everything Everything are excited about putting intellectualism back into the art form.
In this issue, we are also celebrating reunion and brotherly love, persistence and the politics of inclusion, intellectualism and civilization.
He sometimes plays an amazing role in his society, however, this role gets lose due to the surrounding voices having a very strong echo in the worlds of culturalism and intellectualism.
Susan Jacoby focuses sharply on what she sees as the turn against rationalism and intellectualism occurring in the United States that has left the population unable to distinguish between fact and opinion.
Craig, a Montana farrier by trade, delivers poetry that is electrified by humor, though one might find its discursive playfulness akin to Dean Young or Mary Ruefle, or its talky intellectualism reflective of Frank O'Hara or maybe John Berryman in the Dream Songs.
The founding impetus for BGLOs is intertwined with literary societies, White fraternities and sororities, Black benevolent and secret societies, the Black church, Black World War I veterans and the burgeoning "New Negro" ethos of the Harlem Renaissance that combined to provide a spirit of intellectualism, brotherhood, racial uplift, spiritual foundations, discipline and racial consciousness.
With its episodic structure, its intellectualism and its clear refusal to indulge any audience desire to suspend belief and be transported by an emotional story, it was part of Brecht's theater of alienation.
In this article, we present an educational model based on a critically compassionate intellectualism that can foster the liberation of Latinas/os as well as other students of color from the oppression of silencing they currently experience in school.
IN A worrying lurch towards intellectualism, one member of Liverpool's business community entered the city's Central Library last week.
His quirky style, backcombed hair and non-stop patter all contribute to his aura of bohemian intellectualism.