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Synonyms for rationalism

(philosophy) the doctrine that knowledge is acquired by reason without resort to experience

the theological doctrine that human reason rather than divine revelation establishes religious truth

the doctrine that reason is the right basis for regulating conduct

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A wide variety of critics have asserted that since that time, supporters of student intellectualism have gradually lost ground (Veblen, 1993; Kerr, 1963; Barrow, 1999; Rahman, 1997 and Aronowitz, 2000).
Nuyorganics; organic intellectualism, the search for racial identity, and Nuyorican thought.
And if you want to see a movie that intelligently explores the intersection of overweening intellectualism and repressed libido, the French-Austrian import ``The Piano Teacher,'' also opening today, is where you want to go.
Neoconservative humanities specialists, the conservative movement's arbiters of intellectualism, are particularly distrustful of the sciences and tend to wrap their ignorance in contempt.
The third part makes the authors argument regarding the current state of the University, and the fourth part relates the authors personal experience with intellectualism.
assists the transformation of teaching and learning in higher education into a balance, a harmony, between two concepts such as intellectualism and intuition, teaching and learning, the learner and the learned material, and Western and non-Western ways of knowing.
But to emphasize the connection would be to misunderstand Kelley's intellectualism as much as the obsession that haunts Palestine; above all it would be to ignore the quasi universality of the material itself.
Martin laces his intellectualism with absurdity and Brechtian references to the construction of theater.
Topics include the role of questions in epistemological inquiry; how to reconcile the pragmatist and pragmatist-affiliated views of Pierce and Wittgenstein with the traditional definition of knowledge as true belief; knowledge as the epistemic norm of assertion; the acquisition of knowledge by deduction; the implications of the admissible declarative and interrogative complements to prepositional attitude verbs like "know," "believe," and "wonder;" the semantics of the interrogative complements of "know;" critique of the version of intellectualism defended by Jason Stanley and Timothy Williamson; and the implications of the fact that "knowledge how" ascriptions are sometimes read as ability-entailing and sometimes as ability-neutral.
The three writers - Goodman, her sister Jenniphr (who also makes her feature directing debut with ``Tao'') and Duncan North (on whom the character of Dex is reportedly based) - know their town well, and that (generally) unpretentious intellectualism is the lingua franca of that art colonized community, even among its Frisbee-tossing, poker-playing set.
As the coexistent anti-Friedan figure Andelin illuminated the sixtiesAE responses to politics, war, same-sex marriage, and intellectualism that linger in the present century.
The book gives a fine overview of an often ignored side of eighteenth century intellectualism.
The period of time just before the Prague Spring, when the USSR hovered on the edge of thawing out, undecided, still dominated by shortages and queues on the one hand--but also by the bright flowering of arts, music, history, intellectualism as the fears of the past receded somewhat.
These proposed interventions in the public domain--shown in the form of color photographs of her maquettes--are in no way cryptic, and they avoid the hermetic intellectualism and easy sarcasm that have become so commonplace.
Bukowski gave the finger to poetry as effete intellectualism and replaced adorned sentiment with naked, disturbing, compelling, repulsive, vicious truth.