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(psychiatry) a defense mechanism that uses reasoning to block out emotional stress and conflict

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Unusually you're on your feet immediately, describing the play in the space rather than discussing it, which is another way of doing things - intellectualisation then practising - but with Stephen it's practising from the word go.
According to Dr Padmaraju, nurses and social workers employ intellectualisation, a defence mechanism whereby reasoning is used to stop the confrontation of emotional stress.
But while Chrysothemis tries to avoid the memories of what happened six days earlier, Electra consciously faces the facts and employs "intellectualisation" and "rationalisation" in order to deal with the situation, intellectualisation "using intellectual activity to master [the] feelings" and rationalisation "trying to offer rational explanations to justify [the] attitudes, beliefs or behaviour that might otherwise be unacceptable" (Schlebusch 2000:68).
Another reason for the growing relevance of, among others, compounding as a word formation process is the so-called intellectualisation of indigenous languages.
L'ajustement de la therapie au rythme du patient et la << distraction >> du patient face a une trop grande intellectualisation a l'egard de la therapie m'apparaissent aussi des elements qui plaisent a l'esprit.
And if you feel a degree of understanding and perhaps sympathy, it will be through intellectualisation not manipulative sentimentality.
Last week, he attacked a subject close to my own heart: the intellectualisation of race analysis and its efficacy, or otherwise, in the production of cold, hard cash in the wallet and a warm glow in the cockles.
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