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Synonyms for intellectual

Synonyms for intellectual

relating to or performed by the mind

appealing to or engaging the intellect

having or showing intelligence, often of a high order

a person of great mental ability

Synonyms for intellectual

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Until recently, the commercial property/casualty industry been addressing cyber intellectual property solely as company data, said Brad Gow, vice president for technology administration and liability for Ace USA Professional Risk.
In uncovering the gender and race dynamics of the Generacion, Roy-Fequiere unveils a much broader, contentious, and complex intellectual field than previously conceived by scholars.
Intellectual disabilities are the predominant disability among youngsters; physical disabilities predominate among the elderly.
And intellectual property is one of America's greatest resources,`` Ashcroft said Tuesday morning at the federal courthouse in Los Angeles.
National Human Genome Research institute (NHGRI) Policy Regarding Intellectual Property of Human Genomic Sequence (April 9, 1996), http://www.
Or should teachers consider the information exchanged during writing workshops an "other," a category which exists outside discussions of intellectual property?
My developmental hierarchy of the intellectual virtues begins with the virtues of intellectual carefulness, such as single-mindedness, thoroughness, accuracy, and perseverance.
Yang's Internationally praised first feature film, An Estranged Paradise (2002), tells the story of Zhuzi, a young intellectual befallen by a strange illness, a restlessness that arrives with the rainy season and disappears with its end.
If Islam is understood in this sense, then it has to be inclusive of its past intellectual culture, of which science used to be an integral part.
Paul Berman's new book Terror and Liberalism aims to give it intellectual ballast, a moral seriousness, and analytic grounding.
The author cites four key types of intellectual property: trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets.
Where Hitchens is less convincing, however, is in so sternly positing an antagonism between the public intellectual and public opinion.
CEOs are fond of saying that people are their companies' most important assets, yet when they start thinking about layoffs, many sacrifice the strategic value of people and intellectual capital to short-term financial tactics," said Diane Tunick-Morello, Gartner vice president and research director, "People and intellectual capital form the heart of business growth and success.
Such figures, he argues, were the culture brokers of their age, operating with equal ease in Paris's exclusive social and intellectual networks and in the impersonal cultural space opened by an expanding, commercialized and increasingly differentiated literary sphere.
Does this beating up of the intellectual left seem familiar?