integumentary system

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The skin is known as the Integumentary System [Science Links].
the liver and gallbladder), the integumentary system (i.
Integumentary system lesions are mainly cyanosis, edema, and ecchymotic hemorrhages while there were inflammatory, degenerative, and necrotic lesions in the musculoskeletal system.
Integumentary system diseases (n = 128) were cutaneous pox virus, ectoparasitism by lice and mites, and a few bacterial dermatitis or cellulitis cases.
The systems review and tests demonstrated acute impairments in the integumentary system associated with abnormal fluid distribution, impaired sensation in the neurological system, impaired skin and risk of infection in the integumentary system, and muscle weakness in the musculoskeletal system.
Potentially, using an activity monitor for feedback may facilitate consistency in physical activity levels, which could reduce the risk to the integumentary system.
Their general needs include management of urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, integumentary system (pressure sores), cardiovascular system and neurological system.
Much of this work is done by the human body's integumentary system, which consists of hair, nails and skin.
It may be due to insults to the integumentary system, or from hematogenous spread.
The integumentary system was significant for 3+ pitting edema in bilateral lower extremities to the level of the patient's knees.