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of or relating to the integument


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29), who found that the integumentary, gastrointestinal and central nervous systems were the ones most commonly affected by ADRs.
The scalp is part of the integumentary protecting system of the human head, a distinctive skin area with relatively high follicular density and sebum production and secretion.
Now in a fully updated and expanded second edition, "The Handy Anatomy Answer Book" Covers all the major body systems including integumentary (skin, hair, etc.
The integumentary system: anatomy, physiology and function of skin.
Most reported events were digestive (36%), integumentary (26%), and neurological (19%).
have short, thick spines covered by a thick integument with large, paired venom glands at the spine base that empty quickly when compressed by torn integumentary sheaths.
INTRODUCTION: Dermatoglyphics (Fingerprint) is a collective term for all the integumentary features, inclusive of dermal ridge and thick configurational arrangements on the digits, palms and sole excluding flexion creases and other secondary folds.
The loss of kidney function affects many body systems, such as the cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, skeletal, urinary, hematologic, neurologic, and integumentary, and reproductive systems.
Dyskeratosis congenita (DC) is a rare congenital disease involving integumentary system.
One area for intervention that stands out is integumentary system collapse, with such features as stress tears, purpura, and photodamage, she said, noting that these aren't things that happen overnight.
Integumentary heat loss and blubber distribution in the beluga Delphinapterus leucas, with comparisons to the narwhal, Monodon monoceros.
5 Varicose veins 5 Endocrine 1 Thyroidectomy 82 Amputations 5 BKA and AKA 64 Stomach and duodenum 2 Perforated peptic ulcer 29 Rectum and anus 4 Major procedures 14 Integumentary system 14 Major debridements of 23 wounds, sloughectomy or secondary suture Burns 2 Minor/moderate burns 52 Intensive care 9 Trauma resuscitation 33 Lymphoreticular system 2 Lymph node biopsy 68 Urogenital and renal 3 Circumcision 53 Paediatric 2 Inguinal and femoral hernia 28 Cardiothoracic 1.
For the several decades of intensive practical and theoretical work of the Center for Health Rehabilitation "Health Workshop by Ustinova" thousands of people have recovered from many diseases of the digestive, integumentary, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, skeletal, and genitourinary systems.
Structure and functions of the integumentary glands of mealybugs, Pseudococcidae, and of their secretion].