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Synonyms for integumental

of or relating to the integument

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Integumental structure in a Friesian calf with congenital hypo- or atrichosis combined with prognathia inferior.
Winslow summarized the literature and subcategorized botryomycosis into integumental and visceral forms.
Relationships between integumental characteristics and thermoregulation in South American camelids.
A second colour variant reported here for the first time has a bright orange to deep red carapace with black integumental markings and cream markings identical to the black morph described above.
2) are excavate medially, with an integumental projection (essentially a true spine, neither a tooth nor a typical mastidion) at the top of the excavation.
Integumental color: Head reddish brown with frons and clypeus dark brown; antennal segments reddish to dark brown; pronotum, elytron and pygidium variegate, spots may vary from reddish to dark brown; legs reddish, metacoxa dark brown, metatrochanter reddish to dark brown; rest of the body brown to dark brown.
Abstract: The analysis of integumental pore pattern has identified two intraspecific groups of postlarval shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931), a species of which three to five natural populations or groups are expected to be found from Mexico to Peru.
The superficial branches perforate the cervical fascia to supply skin and other integumental structures whilst the deep branches predominantly supply muscle (5).
Alastair Minnis describes the "process of integumental interpretation whereby the veils or garments of allegory [are] judged to clothe profound truths relating to physics or ethics.
In the second chapter, the IRBP dataset was complemented with a morphological matrix comprising 99 characters, including 16 integumental characters, 32 skull characters, 29 dental characters, 7 postcranial characters, and 10 characters from the phallus and soft-anatomy systems.
Significant increases were observed for circulatory/respiratory and musculoskeletal/ integumental anomalies among combined male and female births, and for infant death from congenital anomalies among boys.
Pattern, number, variability, and taxonomic significance of integumental organs (sensilla and glandular pores) in the genus Eucalanus (Copepoda, Calanoida).