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Synonyms for integument

the tissue forming the external covering of the body

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an outer protective covering such as the skin of an animal or a cuticle or seed coat or rind or shell

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This aims to promote cotyledon grain hydration by passing water through capillaries reported in the integument and hilum.
The plaques are crescent shaped giving the integument a sculptured or wrinkled appearance (Fig.
May 4 ~ May 7###Microspore tetrad stage###Inner and outer integument initiation to elongation
Given the extraordinary axial morphology and movements of hagfishes, the probable but unresolved functional link between fish integument and locomotion, and the overall paucity of data, the skins of myxinid fishes make a fascinating and convenient system for investigating morphological and mechanical characteristics associated with whole-body knotting movements.
observing that besides the presence of bitegmic ovules, all species are characterized by the absence of vascular bundle in the inner integument.
They cover the chemical basis for life, tissues, the integument and related structures, various body systems, nutrients and metabolism, pregnancy, development, and lactation in relation to horses, dogs, cats, cows, and other animals, and avian, amphibian, and reptilian anatomy and physiology.
On the other side, Bower and Blackbourn (2003) report that some geoducks (Panopea generosa) collected in BC had dark thickened integument (periostracum) on the siphon and/or mantle that appeared brown or black.
The integument consists of outer epidermis with narrow and tangentially elongated cells and (Figure 1C) in the micropyle region the cells are short and quadrilateral.
Lipomas are benign lesions composed of adipose tissue typically found in the integument, gastrointestinal tract, or central nervous system.
Flying squirrel (tribe of pteromyini) and Petaurus breviceps are very similar to each other with their big eyes, the white bellies and the stiff integument segment that takes place between their arm and legs and provides soaring and keeping the balance; therefore, they have been regarded as close relatives.
have long, slender, grooved spines covered by a thin integument with paired venom glands at the spine base (Figure 2).
Physical examination revealed a firm, non-tender and non- mobile mass measuring 10x8 cm with normal overlying integument in the left gluteal region.
Integument extraction is laborious and time-consuming, and thus, from the first until the last embryo collected for dehydration, at least four hours were required, and imbibition was thus unavoidable during this period.
armigera is the presence of integument with slightly coriaceous texture, very different from the other species Heliothinae (CZEPAK, 2013).
Morphometric characters like palpi, proboscis, scutellum, hind tarsomeres IV and entire V, femora and tibia, pulvilli, postspiracular, mesepimeral bristles, pleurae scales, coloration of pleural integument and abdominal band were used for identification and generation of keys following Barraud (1934), Rueda (2004) and Becker et al.