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Synonyms for integument

the tissue forming the external covering of the body

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an outer protective covering such as the skin of an animal or a cuticle or seed coat or rind or shell

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Tityus stigmurus young also appeared to be desiccated after dying during molting, with the integument being dried and frail.
In this report, the lesions were almost entirely restricted to nonfeathered areas of the integument, and no signs of folliculitis or exudative dermatitis that suggested a bacterial etiology or contribution were seen in the affected birds.
In Lomandra, at least on the side of the megagametophyte facing the highly vascularised raphe, where there is no outer integument, dermal cells degenerate soon after fertilisation, leaving the Zuleitungsbahn as a resistant strand (postament: see below).
With hundreds of color photomicrographs and illustrations, this atlas covers the cell, epithelium and glands, connective tissues, cartilage and bone, blood and hemopoiesis, muscle, nervous tissue, the circulatory system, lymphoid tissue, the endocrine system, integument, respiratory system, digestive and urinary systems, male and female reproductive systems and the eye and ear.
Some or all of the preceding, putatively anomalous host-mite associations may have come about because the mites involved possess genetically preadapted host-selection behaviors triggered by a limited suite of acceptance cues, primary among which is a host integument consisting of smooth, hard, water-repellent scutes.
Scytopetalaceae) or the inner layers may become absorbed by the endosperm: In Apocynaceae and Rubiaceae the mature seed coat consists only of the outer epidermis of the single integument (Periasamy, 1963, 1964).
externally resembles some Sennius species with black dorsal integument color and pubescence pattern, with white setae forming a horizontal strip in the subbasal region of the elytra, similar to the condition found in Sennius bandari (Pic, 1929) (Fig.
The scientific paper describing the find - entitled "An immature Pachyrhinosaurus perotorum(Dinosauria: Ceratopsidae) nasal reveals unexpected complexity of craniofacial ontogeny and integument in Pachyrhinosaurus" - was posted late yesterday on the prestigious science journal PLOS ONE , an international, peer-reviewed, open-access online publication featuring reports on primary research from all scientific disciplines.
A very detailed anatomy of feathers can be found in Avian Integument by Lucas and Stettenheim.
Abdomen pale, pattern indistinct due to integument separation.
KEY WORDS: Unionidae, genetics, integument, swabbing, mantle-clipping
Lips, tongue and mouth are absent, replaced with a tight integument covering the buccal cavity.
The seed coat is the outer coat of seed derived from the integument.
Despite morphological convergences inherent to mimicry, there are many characteristics (not directly involved with mimicry) that are useful for differentiating genera (Reiskind 1969) including relative size of the eyes, arrangement of the eye rows, elongation of the carapace and abdomen, leg morphology, presence of diagnostic spines or setae, integument textures, dorsal and ventral abdominal sclerites, pigmentation, etc.
Cell I subspherical, partially to entirely inserted within host's integument; thallus penetrating beneath integument with large haustorium (rhizomycelium).