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Synonyms for integral

Synonyms for integral

constituting or forming part of the essence of something

lacking nothing essential or normal

an organized array of individual elements and parts forming and working as a unit

Synonyms for integral

the result of a mathematical integration

existing as an essential constituent or characteristic

constituting the undiminished entirety


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The acquisition adds annual revenue of approximately 30m [pounds sterling] and catapults Integral into the premier league of refrigeration contractors in the UK.
Beesack, Systems of multidimensional Volterra integral equations and inequalities, Nonlinear Analysis TMA 9(1985), 1451-1486.
This is a classic integration by parts problem; most students approached it by differentiating arcsin(x) and integrating ln(x) to obtain the integral
At this point, the integral still cannot be evaluated and another
This is the second loan we have closed with Fremont in the last month," said Craig Manchester, Managing Member of Integral.
For example, warehousing or inventory management may be non-integral to one business and integral to another.
In this article we discuss integrating spirituality into school counseling using the spiritual wellness construct and the integral model developed by philosopher Ken Wilber (1995).
1221(1), held that a "source of supply" stock purchase could still qualify as a hedging transaction if it was an integral part of a taxpayer's inventory purchase system.
Stated Harpal Sandhu, CEO, Integral Development Corp.
Sobel, Uppuluri, and Frankowski [77] tabulated, to 10D, the incomplete Dirichlet integral of Type 1:
We recommend one minor modification of the first integral services test.
DUBLIN -- Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Kurzweil - Henstock Integral in Riesz Spaces" book to their offering.
I) If f is positive integral function on[a,b], then the integral power mean [M.
where the subscript K is used because the forward wave function on the left-hand side of this equation happens to be the same as the Kirchhoff diffraction integral, Eq.
com), one of the best-known names in online trading, and Integral Development Corp.
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