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the quality of being intangible and not perceptible by touch

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The advertising of services: Meeting the challenge of intangibility.
variability in customer demands and expectations, difficulty in observing or monitoring the frontline employee directly and inability to measure the output of front-line employees due to the intangibility of service delivered and the perceptual nature of customer feedback (Korczysnki, 2002).
Exploring how intangibility affects perceived risk.
Intangibility lies at the root of the regulatory inefficacy identified in this Article: dematerialization altered the fundamental properties of technology on which the patentability conditions depend to achieve regulatory leverage.
With regard to risk, the proxies used were: Market-to-Book (MB), which measures the asymmetry of information from the future expectations of shareholders regarding investments (Diamond & Verrecchia, 1991); Volatility, representing the changes in prices of the company's shares (Martins & Paulo, 2014), taking the logarithm of the change in share price, day by day, closing at the end of 260 days the annual standard deviation; Intangibility, because the information asymmetry tends to be higher in companies that have a higher volume of intangible assets (Kang & Gray, 2011); and Beta, that corresponds to the systematic risk part that cannot be diversified (Martins & Paulo, 2014), measured with monthly data of the last 5 years.
The intangibility of inputs in service industries makes it more challenging to evaluate costs.
Despite the intangibility of 'right,' No5 L'Eau hits all the right notes.
This paper aims to investigate the association between the degree of intangibility of European companies and their profitability level, and the association between the degree of intangibility and firms' value.
En el 2013, al decidir en el asunto entre Burkina Faso/Niger, la CIJ sostuvo que el acuerdo de las partes para recurrir al procedimiento judicial subrayaba "the principle of the intangibility of boundaries inherited from colonization and the Agreement of 28 March 1987".
However, the concept of sustainability in tourism is generally difficult to capture due to its intangibility.
The observed differences are often explained by the fact that services have, to varying degrees, specific characteristics such as intangibility, heterogeneity, inseparability, perishability (Zeithaml, Parasuraman & Berry, 1985), and co-creation of value (Vargo & Lusch, 2004), which in turn affect innovation practices.
In the service of this endeavor, the book draws on canonical, lesser-known, and archival sources to construct intricate conceptual histories of four interrelated "atopias," "cultural constructs" (7) defined as "'real' natural regions falling within the theoretical scope of contemporary human mobility, which, because of their intangibility, inhospitality, or inaccessibility, cannot be converted into the locations of affective habitation known as 'place'" (6).
Currently, knowledge is considered the most important resource enabling a company to achieve competitive advantage (Drucker 1993, Nonaka 1991), yet the ability to manage this resource has been questioned due to its special traits such as intangibility, invisibility and non-depletion.
Villalonga shows that intangibility of the assets is positively associated with the profits or the losses of the companies.
The decision-making matrix model consists of 10 independent variables as the service features, including intangibility, inseparability, heterogeneity, demand uncertainty, technological uncertainty, complexity, competitive status, the number of alternative suppliers, contact with the final client, and importance or sensitivity of the service, as well as one dependent variable; i.