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a valve that controls the flow of fluid through an intake

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The injection and intake valve timings were then progressively retarded, maintaining the inflection observed on the cylinder pressure where the pressure rises steeply with intake valve closure until combustion became unstable.
Literature review on the subject of intake valve deposits in GDI engines yield a large amount of anecdotal information from a variety of sources regarding the reason for deposit formation and how to prevent them.
Control of the intake valve provides optimal filling of the cylinder at all engine speeds.
The controller, tank, intake valve, and outflow valve can be thought of as the LRU's in this system.
This is due to a single mechanism that mechanically couples intake valve lift, opening duration and timing, allowing these three parameters to be varied simultaneously and continuously.
Olefins are responsible for the gum forming tendencies, the copious intake valve deposits (cars), short shelf life and the bad smell of autogas.
To operate automatically, the air intake valve is used with a speed switch that is set to trip at a specific engine overspeed rpm and release the air intake valve.
The engine is based on Honda's intelligent VTEC (variable valve timing and lift electronic control) system that switches the valve timing for maximum efficiency during ignition and acceleration to achieve a powerful torque, and then delays intake valve closure during cruising and other low-load conditions for improved fuel economy, the automaker said.
Precisely metered pulses of gasoline under very high pressure are injected straight into each cylinder's combustion chamber rather than into each intake-manifold runner upstream of its intake valve.
By using a three-rocker valve actuation, each intake valve is controlled by its own low-speed cam lobe.
Features include a non-electric design, an Iconel compression spring with a lifetime spring limited warranty and an externally removable motive intake valve.
Eight years later, Huff is president of a Scappoose company called Acro-Tech that is using about $750,000 in investor capital to research Huff's design for a vented two-stage intake valve.
With the intake valve open, water is resupplied to the tank through the tank refill tube (l); the toilet bowl is refilled through the bowl refill tube (c) and the overflow tube (k).
Traditional port fuel injectors form deposits similar to DIG injectors; however deposit formation tends to be less rapid because they are located in a cooler part of the engine, upstream of the intake valve.
Tenders are invited for Purchase enquiry of complete set of seat and disk of 12x10inch diffuser type ash intake valve for nuva feeder installed in fly ash system of ph-iv,stps sarni