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a printing process that uses an etched or engraved plate

glyptic art consisting of a sunken or depressed engraving or carving on a stone or gem (as opposed to cameo)


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Roman finger rings usually have either a flat metal bezel or an inset convex polished stone, known as a cabochon, decorated with an engraved design, called an intaglio.
The colourless-to-violet and red-to-orange beads from Devin Castle, and all four intaglios from the other archaeological finds in Slovakia, were examined with a binocular visor magnifier and an optical microscope, and their colour, transparency, lustre and UV fluorescence were determined.
itmarksthespot is pleased to present a suite of recent intaglio prints whose inky images have been incised into thick cotton paper by environmental detritus gathered around Stuart's LA neighborhood whilst on walks with his dogs.
Thus fields of strong black verticals pour down like rain against equally emphatic, angular horizontals in two untitled intaglios from 1963, creating moody yet still airy landscapes.
In the 18th century Catherine the Great used cameos and intaglios as well as miniatures with the most lavish of settings as diplomatic gifts to demonstrate the opulence of the Russian court.
Experiment with techniques: monoprints, woodcuts, Xerox transfers, and intaglios.
Despite the assault on so many fronts, little is being done to protect the intaglios.
Roman intaglios dating from the 1st century BC mounted as a necklace.
In the 18th century, intrepid aristocrats making the Grand Tour and bringing home rare Roman antiquities and works of art to decorate their country mansions, would collect the intaglios in much the same way today's tourists bring home souvenirs.
Fabulous collection of 5000 original one of a kind Fine Art from 40 American and European Artists known Nationally and Inter-nationality, 500 one of a kind Water Colors, 500 Original Graphics composing of Original Lithographs, Serigraphs, and Intaglios,500 engravings, 5000 Production oil Paintings, 800 Frames in various sizes all showcased in a new Studio in the most affluent city in Southwest Florida.
Gem mounts and the classical tradition; supplement to A collection of classical and eastern intaglios, rings and cameos (2003).
Since he began making prints in 1984, in collaboration with Universal Limited Arts Editions, the artist has created many lithographs, relief prints, intaglios, screenprints, and monotypes.
Red King Intaglios, 18th century plaster pieces framed in 22-carat gold frames ($645) and other wonderful antiques and unique accessories are available at The Best Place to Find Antiques.
John Bullard (Montine McDaniel Freeman Director of the New Orelans Museum of Art which presented a one-person exhibition of Robert Kipniss' work as the museum's inaugural show when it reopened in 2006 after Hurricane Katrina) introducing the American printmaker and painter Robert Kipniss, and with the insightful essay 'Solitude and Silence: The Paintings of Robert Kipniss' by Richard Boyle (Adjunct Professor of Art History at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) providing context for this artist's unique and intensely independent vision, "Robert Kipniss: Paintings 1950-2005" is a companion volume to the early collection of his work "Robert Kipniss: Intaglios 1982-2004" (published by Hudson Hills Press in 2004).