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the state of being unimpaired

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Five variables in this block were partitioned into three subblocks representing academic performance, family intactness and violence, and gang affiliation.
Thus, the barrier properties of the SC largely depends on the intactness of the lipid lamellae surrounding the corneocytes.
According to Kimball (1984:57), this experience of a life event involves a number of factors which are dependent on the individual's internal processes which include an intactness of cognitive functions such as orientation, capacity for arousal, memory, concentration and affective stability.
When human cells in tissue are maintained as frozen, the viability and intactness of the RNA, DNA and protein within the tissue is preserved, assuring reliable results when analyzing the tissue for the presence of specific gene and protein "targets.
Intactness may be regarded as the positive side of the psychological contract.
The project team used three criteria to evaluate the proposed visual quality: vividness, intactness (integrity), and unity with its site.
The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of androgens (testosterone, TE) on the intactness of LDL upon incubation with MRC-5 cells.
By contemplating the passing of his father, his father's refusal to assimilate or to learn English, Suarez maintains longing for intactness and unity as the essential "duende"--the spirit that resides within and inspires.
The stresses observed in any one structure depend on the position of the knee and the relative intactness of the other structures.
Excessive, offensive, and surplus bodies are expelled because they threaten the community's intactness.
In turn, virginity and chastity can mean many things, from biological intactness, to spiritual integrity, to sexual fidelity within marriage.
Urinary continence is a severe test of the intactness of the nervous system.
The abundance and relative intactness completeness of the woodpecker guild, which are believed to be indicators of good forest (cf Lambert 1992), is rather surprising considering the disturbances that take place in the area.
As one would expect, this fraction is slightly larger among the younger siblings and the sibling correlation is large and positive for both intactness measures.
But the double-bind of the mother's situation cannot be solved, and ironically, Eliana and Augusta (the latter is a character I discuss below) must physically destroy their child's life (and whether literally or metaphorically, their own as well) in order to preserve their bodies, the intactness of their beauty.