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the state of being unimpaired

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In this double role, she rewrites possible political threats as familial intactness, a rewriting that enables Fairfax's patriarchal genealogy, as well as the trees on Bilbrough, to grow "straight and green" (56).
Fertilizing ability was related to the intactness of plasma membrane as it prevented spermatozoa from harmful effects of external damages (Perumalet al.
Many factors affect this, including the nature of the parent-child relationship, intactness of the family, communication and maintenance styles, and genetic relatedness (Fortuna, Roisman, Haydon, Groh, & Holland, 2011; Martin, Anderson, & Rocca, 2005; Mikkelson, Myers, & Hannawa, 2011b; Rocca, Martin, & Dunleavy, 2010; Voorpostel & Blieszner, 2008).
Therefore, the SVNE problem is much more challenging, since additional backup resources are needed to ensure the intactness of the original VN topology.
Another limitation is that this investigation focused primarily on numeracy while controlling for a broad measure of mental intactness.
For example, pellet-groups may be assigned a physical intactness score (Fairbanks 1979, Lehmkuhl et al.
2001) and is important for intactness of eyelid, eyeball surface and conjunctiva (Davidson and Kuonen, 2004).
Thanks to the areas intactness and exceptional features, the Southwestern Carpathians have the unique potential to demonstrate the importance of wilderness for sustainable local development.
coli was accompanied by an increase in monolayer permeability (seen as a decrease in the TEER), we suggest that the cytotoxic factor secreted by SEPEC 15 facilitates its passage through the endothelial barrier by a paracellular pathway following alterations in the functional intactness of the intercellular junctions.
This means that the intactness and operational reliability of the inner PE 100-RC pipe was fully guaranteed," Steindl said.
The intactness of the horns of the meniscus, in particular of the anterior one, was observed when correlating the macroscopic damage with the expression of collagen type I.
Livine, "Acetylcholinesterase as probe for erythrocyte membrane intactness," Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, vol.
What matters isn't the intactness of the latch but her relationship to the people here, which follows no known rules.
The histopathological analysis of pancreas in normal control and normal + CQSF groups showed normal acini and islets with normal round or elongated structural intactness with their nucleus (Fig.
It has reached a consensus that cognitive function occurs as a continuous changing in ALS/MND, from cognitive intactness to mild impairment or even overt dementia.