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Synonyms for insusceptible

not capable of being affected or impressed

having the capacity to withstand

Synonyms for insusceptible

not susceptible to

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Much more attention is paid to the problem of making everyone alike share in the "good life" than to the query as to what the good life really is like; there is less and less care about the existence of standards of culture, but an enormous amount of thought and effort is devoted to the dissemination of culture through education; because the meaning and purpose of life are viewed as purely immanent, and therefore at once self-evident and insusceptible of definition, the technique of life (with a particular stress on technology) becomes the object of a devotion unmistakably imbued with a kind of misplaced religious fervor.
We have been engaging in the developments of regenerative cellular medicine with strong will that TWO CELLS contributes to the treatment of many patients suffering from insusceptible disease, by using expanded mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) cultured with our serum free medium, said Ko-ichiro Tsuji, president & CEO of TWO CELLS.
Because the substantive choice is insusceptible to change, we would have to see a change in the people pledged to that moral commitment.
stated that 'the critical notions of repugnancy and incompatibility are insusceptible of further definition in terms which necessarily dictate future outcomes'.
Elle prend fin soit par une decision de mise en liberte, prise d'office par le juge d'instruction, soit parce qu'aucune ordonnance de prolongation n'est intervenue ou parce que la loi a prevu une duree maximum insusceptible de prolongation (GASTON (S.
Certain Kinds of Causation Questions Are Insusceptible to Easy Resolution B.
Well aware that the opinions and belief of men depend not on their own will, but follow involuntarily the evidence proposed to their minds; that Almighty God hath created the mind free, and manifested his supreme will that free it shall remain by making it altogether insusceptible to restraint .
En efecto, asi lo han juzgado al hacer la referencia a los tratados que fueron dotados de jerarquia constitucional y, por consiguiente, no pueden ni han podido derogar la Constitucion pues esto seria un contrasentido insusceptible de ser atribuido al constituyente, cuya imprevision no cabe presumir .
It declines to maintain exclusive order of a domestic legal system insusceptible to an international legal order.
T]he land is indispensable to our existence, thus a common thing and insusceptible of appropriation; but land is much scarcer than the other elements [air, sunlight, etc.
He rebelled against this awareness which was forcing itself upon him, mobilized all his strength to destroy it, but it remained intact, as if some part of his mind, insusceptible to reason, kept registering the girl's presence.