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Synonyms for insusceptibility

the capacity to withstand

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Although hunting is distorted by war--human hunting human--gathering is emphatically not, and the contrast sets up a subtle but crucial touchstone that will prove important as the novel progresses; gathering's insusceptibility to war depends on its belonging to pre-civilized culture.
With what glibness, what insusceptibility, did they discharge their weapons in the direction of your car?
His doubts, however, rest not on assumptions of malign American intent but rather on the insusceptibility of Africans' profound human-security problems to military solutions.
On Monday, Hans-Peter Uhl said that the Bulgarian judiciary must be put under an increased pressure in order for the judges' insusceptibility to corruption to be ensured.
Skaggs becomes unreasonably annoyed with what he misreads as Sadness's insusceptibility to real art.