insurance coverage

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the total amount and type of insurance carried

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The bigger insurance coverage and wider reach in terms of beneficiaries are made in anticipation of the more frequent drastic climate changes like strong typhoons and the cyclic El Nino droughts,' PCIC president and CEO Jovy Bernabe said in a forum on Tuesday.
NBAD is the first and only bank to provide free-of-charge life insurance coverage to low income, under-banked consumers.
Auto insurance coverage quotes from Elephant are available with a variety of discounts for qualified applicants.
An order issued by Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) chief, Jennifer Jardin-Manalil, prescribes "compulsory" insurance coverage for agency-hired workers from the Philippines.
Twenty percent of all respondents had had no health insurance coverage during the 12 months preceding the interview; 20% had been covered for some of the time, and 60% for the entire year.
Expanding group insurance coverage, with costs shared among individuals, employers and government.
If the D & O insurance coverage is unavailable for any reason (such as a coverage exclusion), directors can still rely on their indemnification rights to the extent that the company can pay for such liabilities.
Owners should carefully consider this program to help reduce their premiums, avoid a loss of insurance coverage and maintain better control over their insurance coverage.
Over the past few years, the insurance and welding industries have monitored closely the developments in welding fume litigation in light of the potential insurance coverage issues raised by this litigation.
The book, part of ACHI's Arkansas Health Insurance Expansion Initiative, describes how many Arkansans lack health insurance coverage, identifies gaps that exist in sources of health insurance and strives to put a face on the state's uninsured.
If a lease is not specific regarding the improvements and betterments or completed additions, it may be necessary for both the tenant and landlord to provide insurance coverage.
This type of insurance coverage had become either unaffordable or unavailable because of the "liability crisis" in the United States.
Understandably appalled with the court's decision, the California Catholic Conference (as paraphrased by the Associated Press) is fearful "it could open the door to mandated insurance coverage of abortion.
When a person or organization is added as an Additional Insured, the insurance coverage purchased by the Named Insured is extended to the Additional Insured laterally.
It's no secret that a person with MS might face the challenge of negotiating a complex health-care system--not to mention the task of securing adequate, affordable health insurance coverage in the first place.
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