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capable of being insured or eligible to be insured

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It stands to reason, Hartwig said, that there is rising insurable exposure in Florida to perils like hurricanes, high winds, storm surge and sink holes.
At the same time, the minimum insurable earnings for agricultural producers increase from BGN 240 to BGN 300.
Heterogeneity is so great that any effort to divide the population into groups of insurable, homogenous units eliminates the possibility of large enough numbers to develop statistical tables.
Last year saw a single incident where the number of insurable fatalities was higher than 150, and no claim was valued at more than $50 million.
At a minimum, the 2009 amendment fails to address the following: (1) the "real" holder of an insurable interest remains confusing, (2) the time when an insurable interest must exist, (3) the period in which the insured owes the duty of disclosure to the insurer, (4) potential obstacles in implementing the incontestability provision, (5) possible unfairness associated with the rule regarding the construction and governance of contractual terms, and (6) the moral hazard issue embedded in rules relating to double insurance.
MAS is planning to increase the maximum insurable deposit amount for depositors to SGD50,000 per depositor from the current SGD20,000.
Managing insurable risks in the mortgage industry is an all-important key to success," said Mr Rao.
The first step in that direction, for both lenders and borrowers, is to accurately assess and fully appreciate all the key insurable exposures faced, as well as the coverage options and benefits.
STOLI is a practice or plan to initiate a life insurance policy for the benefit of a third party investor who, at the time of policy origination, has no insurable interest in the insured.
The bill does not apply to policies not issued for delivery in Florida or that are not issued in Florida--and the insurable interest must exist at the time coverage begins, but may subsequently be extinguished without affecting the validity of the policy.
An insurable replacement cost analysis, a new service that aims to accurately reflect the cost of replacing a property destroyed by fire or any number of other disasters can help.
A particular concern is that an appraiser's potential liability exposure may increase if the cost approach analysis contained in the appraisal is used for obtaining insurance coverage or determining insurable value.