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breathe or blow onto as a ritual or sacramental act, especially so as to symbolize the action of the Holy Spirit

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treat by blowing a powder or vapor into a bodily cavity

blow or breathe hard on or into

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The bag must be correctly in place and fully insufflated before the laparoscope is inserted.
Open power morcellation versus contained power morcellation within an insufflated isolation bag: comparison of perioperative outcomes.
13,14) Factors influencing the possibility of embolism include volume of air insufflated, the rate of insufflation, and patient positioning.
The sulci and pockets are irrigated with ozonated water to reduce the initial microbial load and insufflated with Ozone gas .
claims to be suffering for unresolved quarrels, insufflated by old
PTA of LSA ostial stenosis was performed with semi compliant balloon BALTON 10x40 mm insufflated at 4/6 atm, significant recoil was present (Figure 2.
less opaque one would be preferable, especially since the sentence in which it occurs ("Sem's race insufflated a soul in him") would benefit from a gloss explaining that Sem (more commonly known as Shem in English), was one of the sons of Noah and from whose name the term "Semitic" derives (p.
After periumbilical port insertion using an open or closed technique, the abdomen was insufflated with medical C[O.
Synthetic cathinones are most commonly nasally insufflated (snorted) or ingested.
The most common route of administration was insufflated (n = 21), but there were also instances of intramuscular injection (n = 5), oral (n = 3), and sub-lingual (n = 4) administration.
A 10 mm trocar was inserted in the umbilicus and insufflated with 35[degrees] carbon dioxide at a preset pressure of 15 mmHg.
The abdomen was insufflated via the umbilicus with a Veress needle and a 5mm port was placed.
The cleaning antiseptic solution, insufflated carbon dioxide and glycine used for wash, are cold.
The advanced leak testers required to ensure that trocars and other laparoscopic instruments are leak-proof in insufflated abdominal cavities is actually a later generation of the high accuracy and low cost leak detectors that USON first pioneered for space flights decades ago.