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Synonyms for insubstantial

Synonyms for insubstantial

Synonyms for insubstantial

lacking material form or substance

lacking in nutritive value


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The result was a sort of insubstantial and diaphanous architecture of light and shadow, a wall from which materiality had been effaced and the idea of load-bearing voided.
Organisers say the piece is entirely convincing from the front but, when viewed from the back, Coley's two-roomed cottage is revealed as a sham, as insubstantial as a Hollywood film set.
White these variables do indeed contribute to the problem, an unspoken culprit is the insubstantial minority applicant pool
as insubstantial compared to the clear and present danger to human health of continuing fluoroquinolone use in poultry.
English eccentric Yolande Snaith and visual artist Sharon Marston spent two years researching Jardin Blanc, an insubstantial, textureless hybrid of movement, design, and sound on the theme of gardens.
If more than an insubstantial part of an organization's activities are not in furtherance of such public purposes, Section 501(c)(3) status will not be granted.
The court found that the very high number of hours spent by the law firm representing the inmate was not unreasonable, even though the firm used junior attorneys to staff the case, where prison officials refused to concede a violation even when it was apparent in the face of a "crystal clear settlement agreement," refused to settle the case, and raised multiple insubstantial arguments.
The twentieth century produced Marx and Freud and liberation theology and all other sorts of movements which created a climate of opinion in which Christian concepts of immortality seemed both insubstantial and morally wrong.
Still, barriers to serving men--funding constraints, men's unawareness of services and their perceptions that clinics serve women only--are not insubstantial.
While financial terms of the settlement are confidential, Faro notes that it has reserved its rights to sue the competitor if it introduces any additional seven-axis articulated CMM products (which have other than insubstantial differences from its current product).
The rent is not insubstantial and maybe that's what's putting people off.
What may be considered rational and substantial evidence by one judge; may seem irrational and insubstantial to another.
Phlegm is said to be either substantial or insubstantial, meaning that it can either be the mucous we expectorate and drool or a kind of "fog" that blocks the sensory, organs.
When faced with the strength of physical weapons, it can be hard to see what advantage something as ephemeral and insubstantial as words can hold.