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Synonyms for insubordinate

Synonyms for insubordinate

refusing or failing to obey

Synonyms for insubordinate

not submissive to authority

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disposed to or engaged in defiance of established authority

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These will be general unsecured obligations of the company and will rank equally in right of payment with its outstanding and future unsecured insubordinate debt.
The government and the Central Bank are directly concerned with protecting Lebanon's sovereignty and its monetary and social stability," bloc said, categorically considering the recent stance by the Central Bank Governor as 'ambiguous and suspicious' which demonstrates the insubordinate of the monetary policy from the national sovereignty constraints.
The Captain's temper flared at such insubordinate nonsense, but Hermann reminded him that the sub's radio was dead, the stars were way out of their calculated positions, and the compass was acting strange.
Gissiner said he fired Reynolds because she exercised poor judgment and was insubordinate, according to court records.
There were also those who were simply insubordinate, the sources said.
The Contracting Officer May Require The Vendor To Dismiss From The Work Such Employees As Deems Incompetent, Careless, Insubordinate, Or Otherwise Objectionable, Or Whose Continued Employment On The Work Deemed To Be Contrary To The Public Interest Or Inconsistent With The Best Interest Of Security.
THE SWEENEY 9pm, Film4 An insubordinate detective and his loyal partner set out to stop a series of robberies across London.
it, an employee who refuses to obey legal orders is insubordinate and
The insubordinate artist still didn't listen to the doctor when he was told to not let anyone visit.
In the early 1980s, Conrad began to make such thematizations of power explicit in pieces like Beholden to Victory, an "army film" that implicates its audiences in the dynamics of surly officers and shiftless, insubordinate privates.
He will never admit, and perhaps not even suspect, that his own insubordinate spirit and pernicious indifference are the great obstacles in the way of his proficiency and the proficiency of those around him.
I wouldn't count too much on the insubordinate youth bringing me down.
The third title in Alexandra Ivey's outstanding 'Guardians of Eternity' series and is the story of Darcy Smith's strange genetic legacy, a handsome vampire king called Styx, a handsome werewolf king called Salvatore Giuliani, and a roster of memorable characters ranging from an insubordinate gargoyle, a congenial goddess, a practical vampire second-in-command, and a werewolf mother that not even her daughter could love.
In response, Garoyian called for a party meeting and both men were ejected from the party for being insubordinate.
Moreover, Attorney General of Pakistan informed the bench during the hearing that the statements given by Khan did not insubordinate the judiciary.