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a system of pragmatic philosophy that considers idea to be instruments that should guide our actions and their value is measured by their success

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Thus, curriculum as an "abstract aesthetic" phenomenon resists the sway and influence of the metaphysics of presence or metaphysical instrumentalism.
The Student Anti-intellectualism Survey (SAIS) is a 25 item questionnaire that measures the attitudes of unreflective instrumentalism (the preference of practicality over theory), attitudes towards college professors, and a general interest in doing college coursework (Eigenberger & Sealander, 2001).
I will now move to discuss in more detail Harel's critique of constitutional instrumentalism within the context of constitutionalism and judicial review.
Technology instrumentalism may appear obvious, because, indeed, few would deny the productive role that technology has.
I find that the transnational-political activism model possesses more explanatory power than instrumentalism for within-case variations in Japanese behavior toward the comfort women issue.
of Athens, Greece), argues that its failures come from being defined by methodological individualism, methodological instrumentalism, and methodological equilibration.
Curaming urges scholars of Malayness to be more sensitive to power relations, elisions of history, instrumentalism, naturalisation, and hegemony that have excluded Filipinos from the discourse about Melayu.
Historical social and public purposes of the university are being abandoned for a new focus on knowledge transmission, instrumentalism, and corporatism.
Applying Paul Brass's theory of Instrumentalism, this article examines the dynamics of the nationalist movement in Catalonia.
New Labour's cultural policies consistently displayed such an attempted balancing act, and although we would argue that its social aims were often undercut by its economic policies, even in the cultural industries (Oakley 2011), the government was also criticized for the social instrumentalism of its cultural policy (Holden 2004; Mirza 2006).
We argue that the conception of private law as government regulation in Snyder arises from a combination of (1) the doctrinal tools that judges use in First Amendment cases, (2) the unitary nature of the state-action doctrine, and (3) the influence of instrumentalism, specifically in obscuring the plaintiffs agency and the state interest in redress, and in privileging a particular view of compensation.
Additionally they face three main public policy threats: under-investment; dilution of investment; and narrow instrumentalism of support.
From Mogwai-like instrumentalism and the mini-symphony approach of Explosions In The Sky, Gathering Lights also have a clear fondness for the soft-hard tactic often employed by the likes of At The Drive-In.
The title theme of the book is that while the ultimate reality of the universe--the focus being on its physical features--remains finally invisible to us, there is a striking beauty and simplicity to the theoretical analysis that is aptly equipped for its description and explanation, without resorting to notions of antirealism, instrumentalism, or (Hawking's) conflation of model and reality.
Instrumentalism rejected the common law synthesis of morality and tradition.