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Synonyms for instrumental

Synonyms for instrumental

relating to or designed for or performed on musical instruments


serving or acting as a means or aid

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I not only attended the weekly debating society, but was instrumental in organizing an additional society.
He knew that she was promised to Kulan Tith, Jeddak of Kaol, but if he had been instrumental in her abduction, his motives could not be prompted by loyalty to his friend, or regard for her honour.
He had, it is true, contemplated leaving the girl to her fate but that was before she had been instrumental in saving him from torture and death at the hands of the black Wamabos.
A little while ago, for instance, I was instrumental in getting women employed in our local post-office here.
I cannot abandon a forlorn woman who has been confided to me to the tender mercies of strangers, so long as there is any hope of my making discoveries which may be instrumental in restoring her to herself--perhaps, also, in restoring her to her friends.
He was challenging my manhood with his slurs, challenging the very legs he claimed to be instrumental in getting for me.
Jazz Instrumental Album, Individual or Group: ``Somewhere,'' Bill Charlap Trio; ``Fountain of Youth,'' Roy Haynes; ``The Out-of-Towners,'' Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette Trio; ``Eternal,'' Branford Marsalis Quartet; ``Illuminations,'' McCoy Tyner with Gary Bartz, Terence Blanchard, Christian McBride and Lewis Nash.
Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) Water Resources Research Laboratory were instrumental in a recent study of the hydraulic performance of self-cleaning, Coanda-effect screens.
Yet for many listeners, instrumental music remains a special case.
The major portion of the study is devoted to E/Maestro which is the earliest example of instrumental music to be printed in Spain.
In the current stud> we sought to identify some important elements that may promote flow states among instrumental musicians.
Abramowitz, director of Newmark, was instrumental in finding and securing space for MoCCA at 594 Broadway as Chair of the museum's Facilities Search committee.
Getting the nod means appreciation from people I respect,'' said guitarist Martino, a double Grammy nominee for jazz instrumental album for ``Think Tank'' and jazz instrumental solo for the track ``Africa'' (fellow nominees are Chick Corea, Joey DeFrancesco, Keith Jarrett and Mike Melvoin).
The publication of Musica getutscht in 1511 by the priest Sebastian Virdung is significant for a number of reasons: it represents the first treatise on instruments and instrumental music published in the vernacular, it attempts to establish an instrument classification system based on structure, sound production, and playing technique; it demonstrates how to transcribe mensural vocal music into three types of instrumental tablature - for keyboard (clavichord), strings (lute), and winds (recorder); and it gave birth to a number of instrumental tutors written for the lay musician.
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