instrument panel

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electrical device consisting of a flat insulated surface that contains switches and dials and meters for controlling other electrical devices

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This wire was routed in an area where chaffing of the protective wire insulation was likely causing a short circuit, melting of the conductor and ignition of material in the instrument panel near the stereo.
Market segmentation of instrument panel by end market
The instrument panel of the Ford Escape is the first to be moulded using the MuCell process, and is the largest part to date produced using this technology.
This new design concept enhances development efficiency: by eliminating the need to package a passenger airbag in the instrument panel, TRW's bag in roof design can reduce the development costs of the dashboard as there is no need to develop a specific 'door' that opens with the airbag deployment.
The supplier manufactures the instrument panel for that specific vehicle and loads it on a pallet.
Night vision is an infrared system that increases front visibility by almost 500 feet, giving you a black-and-white image on the instrument panel.
Driven by increasingly stringent quality requirements, most Japanese carmakers have brought instrument panel production in-house.
Component: Instrument panel frame for General Motors' luxury car platform.
The Frontier received a significant style update for the 2001 model year, and it is also benefiting from a new instrument panel.
This multifunctional use of plastic parts cuts the cost of production when compared to making only the instrument panel from plastic.
A short circuit in an instrument panel which operates a weather radar caused smoke to come from one of the instrument panels in front of the captain's seat, but the smoke soon disappeared and the instrument was operating properly, the officials said.
Attracted by the station's sweet salary offer of jelly beans, the youngest and hairiest engineer trainee adjusted the microphone levels and tweaked buttons on the board, which resembles a jetliner instrument panel.
At night, this provides warm glow on the instrument panel and dash-board board.
is positioning itself for rapid growth by capitalizing on its expertise in the fast-growing instrument panel industry.
1) repair or maintenance of the instrument panel (4 Unit)
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