instrument of torture

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an instrument of punishment designed and used to inflict torture on the condemned person

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Also tonight, his friend Nico gets on the wrong side of an invention called The Widow's Tear which looks like a portable record player, redesigned as an instrument of torture.
HE commute home on Tyneside - never a Tparticularly pleasant time for anyone - turned into an instrument of torture for many on Wednesday night.
I wonder if the Romans had any idea that their preferred instrument of torture would someday be imitated in cake frosting.
I told my home computer, that instrument of torture "You never do the things I want, I rue the day I borture" I bought myself a Dongle to get me on the net It should take just five minutes but I haven't got there yet.
5 In Britain, what instrument of torture could be employed in exceptional circumstances only by authority of the Privy Council and the Council of the North?
government turned a jukebox into an instrument of torture.
Drunken revellers feel the sharp end of his hefty instrument of torture, including one unfortunate soul whose eyeball rather hilariously pops out of his head.
The device serves as spinning wheel, ship's helm and instrument of torture at various points in the plot.
The number of people worldwide who have gnashed their teeth, pulled their hair and got hot under the collar because the operator manual was an instrument of torture is very great.
It was a key indeed: it may have opened the door of heaven; but while the bolt was turning, the victim thought that he was in that other place where the man must be who invented the instrument of torture.
An instrument of torture called a "running machine" was being removed from 10 Downing Street where Tony Blair was being bundled out of office while Gordon Brown, who I suspect has also not seen the inside of a gym for decades, was being moved in with his impressive 50-inch television set.
Beside the monster's depredations, be prepared for medical torment and bureaucratic indifference refined to a fine instrument of torture.
One of the most interesting finds is a medieval bladed Catherine Wheel, used as an instrument of torture, and perhaps brought back from a pilgrimage to a shrine of St Catherine as far away as Sinai.
If you think the dentist's drill is a state-of-the-art instrument of torture, count yourself lucky you never underwent root canal surgery with a bottle of navy rum and a pair of three-foot pliers.
When a shirt has been washed and looks crumpled, where a woman looks across and sees an ironing board, your common garden variety bachelor will see an instrument of torture.
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