instrument of torture

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an instrument of punishment designed and used to inflict torture on the condemned person

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An instrument of torture called a "running machine" was being removed from 10 Downing Street where Tony Blair was being bundled out of office while Gordon Brown, who I suspect has also not seen the inside of a gym for decades, was being moved in with his impressive 50-inch television set.
Beside the monster's depredations, be prepared for medical torment and bureaucratic indifference refined to a fine instrument of torture.
One of the most interesting finds is a medieval bladed Catherine Wheel, used as an instrument of torture, and perhaps brought back from a pilgrimage to a shrine of St Catherine as far away as Sinai.
Campaign group Human Rights Watch alleged the US operated a secret jail in Afghanistan where rap was used as an instrument of torture.
If you think the dentist's drill is a state-of-the-art instrument of torture, count yourself lucky you never underwent root canal surgery with a bottle of navy rum and a pair of three-foot pliers.
When a shirt has been washed and looks crumpled, where a woman looks across and sees an ironing board, your common garden variety bachelor will see an instrument of torture.
IT sounds like an instrument of torture, but the SLK 230 Kompressor definitely provides more pleasure than pain.
The cell phone was never envisioned as an instrument of torture that garrulous pinheads could use to inflict pain on their fellow commuters, yet this is what it has become.
But we wanted to demonstrate that auctions are not just an instrument of torture.
As an instrument of torture and execution, she makes the guillotine and Spanish Inquisition seem like a stroll in the park, and once she gets into her stride I fear it won't be long before we have a major diplomatic incident.
The people who want to do good start gainsaying it, calling it a medieval instrument of torture," says Corcoran, who "has no patience" with this stance.
Once there, he finds that Ljotur has been condemned to the "Stockhus," a horrible prison, and has died a hideous death there in an instrument of torture called "the birdcage.
The stun belt, when properly used according to unambiguous policies and procedures set out by the department and with input from medical staff, can be an effective law enforcement tool without being an instrument of torture," Feldman said.
Apologies to anyone who has made devotion to that instrument of torture their life's work, but it's up there with nails scraping down a blackboard or Geri Halliwell singing opera.
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